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Hyly.AI, multifamily’s only journey AI platform, announced a new partnership with Realync, the multifamily centralized video engagement platform. This brings the power of Hyly.AI’s Tour Site and Realync’s robust platform to make the live video touring experience better than ever by automating self-scheduling.  The partnership not only simplifies & strengthens touring workflows for multifamily communities […]

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Introduction Digital channels occupy a central part in our lives.  One-by-one industries — such as Technology, Professional Services, Telecommunications — have discovered that their prospects were researching and shopping online more than any other channel.  These industries had to transform and streamline their Sales & Marketing efforts to capture this group of prospects.  Marketing Automation […]

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Let Email Nurturing Take Over Routine Tasks What if your agents could save time on these repetitive tasks and still close more prospects? Multifamily professionals have many tasks: welcoming new prospects, introducing prospects to the new property, scheduling and conducting tours of the property, planning and executing events, re-engaging past prospects, closing existing prospects, and […]

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