Get More Leases & Reduce Costs Using This 4-Phase Funnel

Use this 4-phase funnel to get more multifamily leases and reduce costs.

Let Email Nurturing Take Over Routine Tasks

What if your agents could save time on these repetitive tasks and still close more prospects?

Multifamily professionals have many tasks: welcoming new prospects, introducing prospects to the new property, scheduling and conducting tours of the property, planning and executing events, re-engaging past prospects, closing existing prospects, and the list goes on…

What if your agents could save time on these repetitive tasks and still close more prospects?Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Read on and we’ll let you in on a secret.

How can you tweak your leasing funnel to get more leases?

The above graphic defines a funnel with 5 prospect stages (New, Active, Inactive, Engaged, and Closed) and 4 phases to move a prospect from one stage to another:

  1. Welcome new prospects with informational emails
  2. Engage active prospects by inviting them to events and property tours
  3. Let leasing agents close engaged prospects through personalized interactions
  4. Re-engage currently inactive prospects

Notice that the Welcome, Engage and Re-Engage phases all have an email icon next to the heading, which signifies that those processes can be handled with email.

Once you embrace email as a platform for welcoming, engaging, and reengaging prospects, you have a lot more time that you can use to focus on closing leads.

How can email nurturing automate your leasing funnel?

1. Introduce New Prospects with Welcome Campaigns

Your objective for new prospects is to introduce them to your community using a welcome campaign.

A welcome campaign is not just a simple email thanking a prospect for getting in touch. The objective of such a campaign is to inform your new prospects about your community with multiple emails.  For instance, these emails could introduce your prospect to the neighborhood, the amenities, and the major retail shops in the area.

2. Engage Active Prospects with Event Invites

Your objective with active prospects is to get them engaged with your community, neighborhood, and staff.  You can do this by inviting them to tour the property and join community events such as holiday parties, game nights, or potluck dinners.

3. Close Engaged Prospects Using Email Offers

Your objective with engaged prospects it to give them that extra push they need to sign the lease. This can be done by sending an offer email or by following up with a combination of personal emails and phone calls.

4. Re-activate Inactive Prospects with Community Update Emails

As time passes by, many new, active and engaged prospects may lapse and become inactive.  Your objective it to make sure they do not forget your community the next time they are looking for a lease.

It is inefficient for agents to spend time contacting every prospect that is considered “dead.” Instead, let an email newsletter do the work for you.  For example, you could update the dead prospects with information about recent awards, new amenities, building improvements, and even invitations to community events.

(The next few posts will include concrete examples of emails that will help you move prospects through these stages.)


Once you embrace email as a platform for welcoming, engaging, and reengaging prospects, you will find that you have a lot more time available to focus on one-on-one interactions with your leads. And, of course, convince them to sign the lease!

We believe less is more. Agreed?

(This post is part of our series on 7 Ways to Get More Leases Using Email Nurturing.)

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