Resident Events Experience: Boosting Resident Retention Rates

During their lunch break, Catherine and John, two multifamily agents, discussed the challenges they faced in building a sense of community among residents. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone seems to be engrossed in their own lives, leaving little room for social interactions.

However, they both recognized that creating a strong sense of community is crucial for enhancing residents’ experiences and retaining them in the long run. To address this issue, Catherine suggested the idea of hosting resident events.

Curious to know more, Catherine prodded John to share his experiences. John recounted how some of his past events had failed to attract a good turnout or had not been engaging enough for the residents.

Let’s take a closer look at the common roadblocks faced by John and other agents:

Challenges in Hosting Resident Events

  • Lack of effective marketing and communication: Without effective outreach and marketing, there is typically a lack of resident engagement, and events may not receive the level of attendance desired. Without effective outreach and marketing, events may not receive the level of attendance desired.
  • Difficulty in personalizing the experience: It can be challenging to tailor events to meet the needs and preferences of each individual resident, leading to a generic experience for all attendees.
  • Absence of clear metrics to measure event success: There are often no clear metrics for evaluating the impact of an event on resident satisfaction, engagement, and retention, making it difficult to improve future events.
    In this case, a Humans + AI approach to event marketing can boost attendance and drive residents to renew.

As John shared his concerns, Catherine listened attentively. Understanding John’s distress, Catherine suggested exploring new marketing strategies and recommended Journey AI Events, which had helped her overcome similar challenges at the property where she was previously employed.

Catherine continues to explain how Journey AI Events benefits agents and marketers in hosting successful resident events.

How does Journey AI Events help you Host Successful Resident Events?

Journey AI Events’ innovative features are designed to make event planning a breeze, so you can focus on creating unforgettable experiences for your residents.

Library of Over 12 Event Templates

Journey AI Events offers a library of over 12 pre-designed event templates for each month of the year, including events like Egg decoration parties, Halloween parties, Lease renewal parties, etc.

This meticulously planned event calendar and pre-made marketing materials make it easy to create a vibrant atmosphere that keeps residents engaged and happy. They not only lead to unforgettable experiences but also helps you reach your resident retention goals with ease.

Better Insights into Resident Preferences

Journey AI Events allows you to personalize the resident experience by getting better insights into their preferences. With the editable ‘Form,’ you can add a comment section where residents can answer any question that you put in the body message. It will help you collect valuable information from residents, such as food allergies or activity preferences.

This not only shows residents that their opinions and preferences are valued but also allows you to create more personalized and thoughtful events that truly cater to residents’ needs and preferences, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.

Ready-To-Use Flyers

With all necessary event information already included, Journey AI Events’ flyers can be quickly printed and distributed to relevant locations, such as community boards or neighboring businesses. Additionally, the inclusion of a QR code on the flyer makes it even easier for residents to RSVP for the event.

These branded flyers ensure that residents have easy access to event information, leading to increased attendance and a successful event. It also saves you time and effort in designing and creating flyers from scratch, allowing you to focus on other aspects of event planning and marketing.

Event Reminders

Journey AI Events simplifies event marketing for resident events with automated reminder emails based on RSVP status that will help residents stay informed and engaged throughout the event marketing process.

These reminders save you time and effort while also ensuring maximum attendance at the event. The waitlist opening reminder emails for waitlisted residents can help fill any last-minute cancellations and keep the event running smoothly. Additionally, the pre-event reminder email for those who have RSVPed ensures that they don’t miss out on the event they have already shown interest in.

RSVP Status-Tracking

Journey AI Events makes RSVP management a breeze. With just a click on the ‘RSVP count,’ you can see a real-time list of residents who have confirmed their attendance for the event. You can also easily cancel an RSVP if needed.

The ability to track provides you with better control over your event. Having a better understanding of the number of people attending the event can help you make informed decisions about catering, venue size, and other logistical aspects. Overall, this easy-to-use RSVP status-tracking feature helps save time and effort while improving event planning and execution.

Post-Event Communication

Journey AI Events sends a personalized thank-you email after an event making residents feel valued and appreciated. The post-event communication helps you foster better relationships with your residents.

Additionally, by giving residents the opportunity to provide feedback or ask questions, you can gather valuable insights and improve your future events to better meet their preferences. It also helps to build a positive image of your property in their minds, which can lead to better resident satisfaction and higher chances of successful renewals.

Easy Attendance Management

After the event is over, Journey AI Events helps you quickly check the attendance list and know how many residents showed up.

Easy attendance management helps you in several ways, like measuring the event’s success, identifying the most popular activities, and evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Moreover, you can follow up with residents who attended the event and thank them for their participation. By doing so, you can build better relationships with residents and increase their loyalty towards your community.


Hyly.AI’s Journey AI Events is a valuable tool for multifamily residential event marketing that simplifies event planning and management, resulting in unforgettable experiences. With its real-time updates, ready-to-use flyers, the follow-up process, and easy RSVP and attendance management, Journey AI Events has helped numerous agents and marketers achieve success in hosting events with minimal effort.

If you’re looking to enhance your event marketing strategy and take your resident events to the next level, consider scheduling a demo today!

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