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David and Sharon, both multifamily marketers, met at a multifamily conference where they delved into a discussion about the hurdles of their profession.

Just as they were really getting deep into the topic, a look of panic washed over David’s face. He suddenly remembered that he had to put together an open house event for a new construction.

Let’s take a closer look at the common roadblocks faced by David and other marketers:

Burdened by Busy Schedules

As a busy marketer, David struggled to find the time to effectively plan and execute open house events while juggling multiple clients and appointments. This challenge is not unique to David, as many real estate marketers have jam-packed schedules that can make it difficult to allocate the necessary time and resources to a successful open house event.

Low Attendance Blues

Despite David’s best efforts to market the open house event, attendance remains low, leaving him feeling demotivated and questioning the effectiveness of his marketing strategy. This is a common challenge faced by marketers where even a well-planned and marketed open house event may struggle to attract a substantial number of prospects. In this case, a Humans + AI approach to event marketing can boost attendance and attract ideal prospects.

Lack of Proper Tools

During their conversation, David expressed his concerns about the challenges of managing guest lists and following up with prospects after the open house event. These tasks can be time-consuming and inefficient without proper tools.

Empathizing with David’s distress, Sharon shared a solution – Journey AI Events’ Open House Experience, that helped her overcome similar challenges in the past.

Sharon continues to explain how Journey AI Events benefits marketers, agents, and prospects and helps to host a successful open house.

How does Journey AI Events’ Open House Experience benefit Marketers, Agents, and Prospects?

For the successful launch of a new development, it is essential to focus on two key elements: aggressive promotion and marketing, as well as lead generation. Hyly.AI’s Open House Experience effectively addresses both these critical elements by providing quality leads and leveraging its impressive features for effective promotion and marketing.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Journey AI Events that provide great benefits to both marketers and agents.

Benefits to Marketers & Agents

Tamper-Proof Branding

Journey AI Events ensures your branding stays consistent and tamper-proof. Plus, you can save time and effort by not having to add brand elements every time you create a new event.

This helps marketers and agents maintain brand consistency across all events. With no need to repeatedly add brand elements, they can focus on creating effective marketing campaigns and generating leads for their multifamily open house events.

Ready-To-Use Landing Page Template

The platform provides you with a ready-to-use landing page template that you can use to promote your event and attract prospects. You can easily customize various fields for your event, such as the event title, date and time, image, subtitle, and message in the body.

The features help marketers and agents to save time and effort. With the ability to easily customize various fields, they can quickly create a professional and appealing landing page that effectively promotes their event and attracts prospects.

Ready-To-Use Confirmation Page and Flyer

Open House Experience also provides a ready-to-use confirmation page and flyer, ensuring that prospects have all necessary event information.

This also allows marketers and agents to easily print and distribute flyers to relevant locations, such as community boards or neighboring businesses. It helps in effectively marketing the event and increasing attendance.


Customizable Guest Capacity

With Open House Experience, you can easily manage the number of guests attending your open house by customizing the guest capacity and adding a maximum number of guests per RSVP.

This feature helps marketers and agents in avoiding overcrowding or underutilizing the space, leading to a better experience for prospects. It also helps to improve the overall effectiveness of the event and enhance the prospects’ impression of the property.

Invitee Category Selection

Open House Experience automates the process of categorizing your audience into specific groups, such as prospects or students. This allows you to easily select the relevant category of invitees for your open house event.

This helps marketers and agents easily target specific groups of people for their open house event. Ensuring the right attendees are present at the event, this feature enhances the likelihood of achieving event goals.

Series of Follow-Up Emails Based on Actions

Open House Experience automates follow-up emails to prospects like confirmation or reminder emails based on their RSVP status. It also automates the cancellation and rescheduling email in case the agent had to cancel the event or reschedule it.

This saves agents time and effort while keeping prospects informed throughout the event marketing process.

Easy Management of RSVP List and Attendance

With Open House Experience, you can easily manage your RSVP list and attendance. The platform provides you with real-time updates on the number of attendees and allows you to track their responses and follow up with them as needed.

This allows marketers and agents to have better control over their open-house event. It helps them to make informed decisions and follow up with prospects effectively, leading to better event outcomes.

Next, Sharon elaborated on how the Open House Experience benefits prospects, highlighting how it keeps them engaged and ensures a seamless experience.

Benefits to Prospects

A Smooth Response Channel

Open House Experience simplifies the process for prospects by automating RSVP reminder emails, making it easier and more convenient for them to respond to open house invitations.

By automating RSVP reminder emails, Journey AI Events helps prospects remember and prioritize attending open house events, making it more convenient and efficient for them to respond to invitations.

Hassle-Free QR Code Entry

When the QR code option is enabled in Open House Experience, prospects receive a QR code in their RSVP confirmation and night-before reminder emails, allowing for a seamless check-in experience at the event.

This can save them time and reduce the stress associated with attending events, leading to a better overall experience. Additionally, it provides a modern, tech-savvy touch to the event, which may appeal to younger, tech-savvy prospects.

A Streamlined Follow-Up Process

Open House Experience sends prospects a personalized thank-you email and provides them with additional information and resources like links to virtual tours or floor plans.

Sending a thank-you email after attending an open house can help prospects feel valued and appreciated, while the resources can aid in the decision-making process for becoming a resident. This thoughtful approach to post-event communication can significantly enhance their overall experience and increase the chances of a successful conversion.


Hyly.AI‘s Open House Experience offers a comprehensive solution to the common obstacles faced by marketers, agents, and prospects in hosting and attending open house events. Its automation and data-driven approach has helped many hosts achieve successful events with minimal effort.

To learn more about Journey AI Events’ Open House Experience and how it can help you take your events to the next level, schedule a demo today!

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