Easy A/B Testing for Email Subject Lines with Journey AI Blasts


Sharon and David, both multifamily marketers, were debating over the most effective subject line to use in an email notifying residents about the temporary closure of the community swimming pool.

After a prolonged debate over the best subject line, Sharon and David realized they were unable to come to a mutually agreeable conclusion and admitted defeat. It was then that Sharon proposed a solution to their problem: A/B testing.

How is A/B Testing done?

Sharon outlined the three key steps involved in conducting an A/B test for email subject line: Variation, Random Sampling, and Measurement.

Let’s closely examine each of the steps:

1. Variation

A/B testing of subject lines involves creating two versions of the same email, with the only difference being the subject line. This allows marketers to compare the performance of two different subject lines and determine which one resonates more with their audience.

2. Random Sampling

The two versions of the email are sent to a randomly selected sample of the email list, with each version being sent to a roughly equal number of recipients. This helps to eliminate any biases and ensure that the results are representative of the target audience.

3. Measurement

The results of the subject line A/B test are measured by tracking metrics such as open rate and click rate for each version of the email. The subject line that performs better in terms of these metrics is then selected for use in future emails.

David understood the value of A/B testing, as it would allow them to experiment with different subject lines and determine which one resonates best with their audience. However, he wasn’t sure where they could conduct the test.

Upon hearing Sharon’s suggestion, David expressed his interest in exploring the capabilities of Journey AI Blasts.

Buckle up and get ready to discover the intricacies of the process that Sharon has shared. This insightful journey will help you unlock the full potential of your emails and take your performance to the next level.

How to Set Up A/B Testing in Journey AI Blasts?

To set up A/B testing in Blasts, you will need to create two different versions of your emails with distinct subject lines, send them to a sample audience, and measure the performance of each variant.

The process involves seven easy steps:

1. Create a Blast

To start the A/B testing process, the first step is to create a new Blast, which is a one-time email that you intend to send to your subscribers.

You can easily do this by clicking on the “Create Blast” button provided in the interface, which will act as Variant A of the email.

Now add your preferred subject line that will be tested against Variant B, which will be added later.

2. Add Variant

Once you have created the Blast, you need to click on “Add variant.”

This will allow you to test the effectiveness of different subject lines and see which one performs better.

3. Edit Variant B

The next step is to edit Variant B, which is the second version of the email that you will be testing. You can do this by clicking on the “Edit Variant B” option at the top.

It’s essential to ensure that Variant B has a distinct subject line from Variant A to determine which subject line performs better.

4. Set the Ratio of the Audience for Each Variant

Once you have tested the email, you need to set the ratio of the audience that will receive each variant.

For example, you might choose to send 50% of the test group Variant A and 50% of Variant B, or you might choose to send 70% of Variant A and 30% of Variant B.

5. Select Invitees, Date & Time, and Schedule

The final step of setting up an A/B test in Blasts is to select the invitees and schedule the email for a specific date and time.

Blasts allows you to choose from pre-existing groups like “prospects” or “residents” and even lets you create a custom group. It also provides suggestions for the optimal day to send out the email.

Once you click on schedule, Blasts will automatically send out the variants to the selected audience, and you can track the results to see which subject line performs better.

How to Measure the Results of the Test in Blasts?

Sharon emphasized the importance of measuring the results of an A/B test to gain insights into email performance and make informed data-driven decisions.

She provided a detailed explanation of how to find the reports in Blasts and the different metrics available for analysis. These metrics can help measure the outcomes of the A/B test and improve email engagement.

Where to Find the A/B Testing Results in Blasts?

To find your A/B testing results, navigate to “Reports” within Journey AI Blasts. Select “Blasts A/B” to view your available report.

This report will provide you with valuable information about how your emails are performing, including which variation of your subject line was most effective at engaging your audience.

How Metrics Can Help Determine the Winner?

When analyzing the A/B testing results in Blasts, there are several key metrics to look for.

Here’s a glimpse of what the report looks like in Blasts:

The 4 important metrics given in the report of an A/B test in Blasts are as follows:

  1. Unique Open Rate: This metric reveals how many people opened your email.
  2. Unique Click Rate: This metric shows how many people clicked on a link in your email.
  3. Unsubscribes: This metric indicates how many people opted out of receiving future emails from you.
  4. Bounce Rate: This metric shows how many emails were undeliverable.

Who is the Winner?

When it comes to subject lines, the winner is the one that achieves a higher open rate.

The results are clear in the report, and Sharon’s Variant A has emerged as the clear winner! With a whopping unique open rate of 7.23% and unique clicks of 8.52%, it outperformed Variant B’s 6.30% and 4.52%, respectively.

But wait, there’s more! Variant A also had a significantly lower percentage of unsubscribes at 1.2% compared to Variant B’s 4.52% and a lower bounce rate of just 0.5% compared to variant B’s 4.52%.


At Hyly.AI, we are committed to helping multifamily marketers achieve their goals through our Journey AI suite of products, including Blasts.

With Blasts, you can easily test different elements of your emails to improve engagement and drive conversions. We believe that effective A/B testing is essential for any successful email marketing campaign, and we are dedicated to providing the tools and resources you need to achieve your marketing goals.

To learn more about Journey AI Blasts or any of our other products, schedule a demo today on our website.


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