Hy.ly NCX – New Construction Experience


So you’ve broken ground on your new property…Now what? Traditionally, construction is completed and then marketing begins. Often, this leaves nearly a year (or more in some cases) with zero outreach. In a perfect world, you would collect and nurture leads, blast emails, and market your property while it’s being built! Not to worry, this world is not a Stranger Things parallel universe; it exists right here, right now.

Hy.ly NCX

Hy.ly NCX – New Construction Experience – is a new marketing experience that allows you to market your property before the roof is even on. With Hy.ly NCX you can:

  • Collect & Store Leads
  • Engage & Nurture Leads
  • Distinguish Leads
  • Outreach Quickly & Easily
  • Migrate Leads to Your CRM

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Collect & Store Leads

Instead of your regionals and marketing directors dealing with leads they don’t have time for, Artie collects and stores leads throughout construction. Artie makes sure you never miss an opportunity!

Make a Splash…Page

Hy.ly NCX starts with a splash page. While you’re busy building, we set up a splash page to direct and engage prospects to your property website. This allows you to showcase your future property and begin collecting leads.

Engage & Nurture Leads

Engagement, tracking, and nurturing is time-consuming especially with no established staff during construction. Hy.ly NCX automates these processes allowing you and your team to simply set it and forget it!

Starter/Full Marketing Drip

After your splash page is up and running, we work with your team to build a series of blast emails and drip campaigns. These feature your future property and send on automation to your growing lead collection.


Distinguish Leads

There are many different kinds of leads:

  • True leads
  • Curious neighbors
  • Just looking

These can be time-consuming to sort through, but with Hy.ly NCX Artie does the work for you so you know which leads are just right!

Outreach Quickly & Easily

Hy.ly NCX takes 5 mins or less to send all leads construction updates with eBlasts. It’s never been easier to keep all leads engaged and make them feel a part of the construction process!

Construction Updates

These eBlasts and email drips allow you to provide updates for every major construction milestone.

Amenities eBlasts & Drips

You can easily showcase your amenities and unit features.

Grand Opening

When the time finally comes, there’s even a template for your gran opening where prospects can RSVP and check out your new property.

Migrate Leads to Your CRM

Once you are up and running, Artie moves your collected and stored leads to your CRM.

Hy.ly’s integrations also allow us to assist your agents with continuous nurture and retention following construction.


Learn More

Don’t wait to showcase your property! Learn how Hy.ly NCX can transform your marketing experience!

  • Call: 516-HYLY-INC
  • Submit a Ticket: https://support.hyly.ai/portal/en/newticket
  • Email: sales@hy.ly

Stay tuned for new innovations!

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