Use Email to Re-activate Your “Dead” Prospects

4 ways to get more multifamily leases by re-engaging your inactive prospects with email nurturing.

Re-engaging Inactive Prospects

Agents have a responsibility to communicate with all prospects. Unfortunately, a prospect may become inactive due to many reasons:

  • The passage of time
  • Insufficient information
  • Lack of incentives, etc.

You need to keep your property fresh in the prospect’s mind by emailing a community update once a month.

But all hope is not lost. Sooner or later, inactive prospects start searching for a new home. You need to keep your property fresh in their minds by emailing community updates once a month. If you are top-of-mind, they will call you first when they restart their search.

Here are a few ideas:

Community Update Emails

Community updates are a great way to re-engage your “dead” prospects.

Idea #1: New Floor Plans


If you have updated your floor plans, let your inactive prospects know! You will help them understand that you are improving your community by providing them with new floor plan options. (Download Template)


Idea #2: New Building Additions


Let your prospects know about new building additions that are currently being built at your community, whether it may be a new yoga studio, hot tub or providing a new electric vehicle charging station. Inform your prospects on new additions that are being added to increase the value of your community living experience. (Download Template)


Other Community Update Ideas

    • Property Awards: If your property recently won an award, let your prospects learn how you have gained more credibility in the multifamily industry with an award announcement. Examples of award announcements may include architectural innovation award, customer service, LEED, or any other award.


  • New Sister Properties: Allow your inactive prospects to find out when your property management company has begun construction on a new sister property.



By using community updates and email nurturing, you will be pleasantly surprised to receive new inquiries from old friends in your inbox.

You like pleasant surprises, don’t you?

(This post is part of our series on 7 Ways to Get More Leases Using Email Nurturing.)

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