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You have invested heavily in giving your prospects a wide range of tour options: Pre-Recorded videos, 3D tours, Live-Video tours, Self-Guided tours, and, of course, the In-Person tour.

But, you are dissatisfied that your prospects are not able to discover them.

Well, Journey AI Tours offers the perfect solution with its Tour Site Experience. Read on to learn more!



Imagine having a one-stop portal that displays an array of tour options in a single click, making the process a breeze for your prospects. This is exactly what Hyly.AI’s Tour Site does for you.

In this article, you’ll learn the secrets to converting hesitant prospects into loyal customers with Tour Site’s portal experience, the ultimate solution to all your problems.


What is that One Big Hurdle in your Current Process?



Your website’s scattered presentation of tour options is a major obstacle that can hinder your success and confuse prospects. This lack of organization may lead to lower conversion rates and render your investment in tour tools a waste of resources.

Proper organization and utilization of these tools, on the other hand, can enable prospects to make informed decisions and increase your conversion rates.


What is the Tour Site Experience?

Our teams love Hyly.AI‘s Tour Site.” – Candice Pritchett, Digital Marketing Manager at Bell Partners

Tour Site Experience is a game-changer in the world of multifamily touring experiences. Our portal offers a superior touring experience compared to the hassle of scouring multiple website sections to find the right tour option.

The moment a prospect lands on the website’s homepage, they can spot the “Take A Tour” CTA, which is prominently placed, making it easy to find and click.



Once clicked, the prospect is transported to our portal, displaying all 5 different tour options, including virtual options like 3D tours and pre-recorded video tours, as well as in-person tours, live-video tours, and self-guided tours.



With Tour Site, all five tour options are a single click away, providing prospects with an all-in-one location for their touring needs. This centralized portal simplifies the touring process, saves time, and empowers prospects to make informed decisions before committing to a tour.

Don’t just take our word for it; here’s what Candice Pritchett, Digital Marketing Manager at Bell Partners, had to say about their experience with Tour Site:



We also have a hover-over feature that presents a brief description of each tour option, saving time and helping prospects make educated decisions.



By offering personalized follow-up communications after every tour is completed, we ensure your prospects feel valued and supported throughout the entire process.

Our ultimate goal with Tour Site is to provide prospects with an easy, efficient, and stress-free touring process.


What does Touring look like without Tour Site Experience?

The No-Tour Site experience often leaves the prospect to their own devices to find their choice of touring option.

They will have to spend hours clicking around different pages on the website to find the right tour option, leading to frustration and confusion.


How will you Discover 3D Tours without the Tour Site Experience?

For instance, let’s consider the scenario where Linda, a prospect, wants to discover 3D tours without Tour Site Experience. She lands on a property’s website and searches for the 3D tour option.

After failing to find anything on the home page, she starts navigating to different pages.

First, Linda searches the ‘Gallery’ section, but the 3D tour button is nowhere to be found, leaving her confused.



After her unsuccessful attempt in the ‘Gallery’ section, Linda moves on to the ‘Features & Amenities’ section but still cannot locate the 3D tour button, which makes her frustrated.



Exhausted from her previous search, Linda heads to the ‘Floor Plans’ section, where she eventually spots the 3D Tour button, although it is poorly placed, adding to her exhaustion.



As you can see, Linda had to scour the website in order to locate the 3D tour option, needlessly prolonging and complicating the process. This would require a significant investment of time, energy, and patience on her part, potentially causing her to lose interest in the touring process altogether.

Without Tour Site Experience, the touring process would be less efficient, less convenient, and less likely to result in satisfied prospects.



Hyly.AI is committed to providing a user-friendly Tour Site Experience that is supported by a team dedicated to your success.

In describing their positive experience with Hyly.AI‘s Tour Site, Joshua Jakubiec, Regional Marketing Manager at The Bainbridge Companies, said:



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