Resident Renewal Experience: Maximizing Lease Renewal Conversions with Automation

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As multifamily marketers, you tirelessly strive to cultivate enduring relationships with residents but often grapple with the challenges of orchestrating seamless lease renewals. From missed deadlines to underwhelming engagement, the resident lease renewal process can be a pain point that hampers your productivity and conversion rates.

However, Hyly.AI’s Journey AI Drips promises to revolutionize this landscape. With its Resident Renewal Experience, it offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines the process, reinforces residents’ satisfaction, and maximizes lease renewal conversions.

3 Impactful Ways Journey AI Drips Supports Marketers in Resident Renewal

Journey AI Drips’ Resident Renewal Experience empowers marketers to boost renewal rates and optimize their lease renewal process through the following benefits:

  1. Effortless Renewal Management: It takes the hassle out of managing lease renewals by automating reminders, ensuring timely follow-ups, and minimizing missed deadlines.
  2. Strengthening Resident Connections: By leveraging personalized messaging and tailored content, it empowers marketers to remind residents of the unique amenities, services, and community atmosphere that initially attracted them, enhancing resident satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of lease renewal.
  3. Optimizing Lease Renewal Conversions: Through intelligent automation, targeted engagement strategies, and data-driven insights, it enables marketers to optimize their lease renewal conversions, boosting retention rates and ensuring continued success for multifamily properties.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of the Journey AI Drips’ Resident Renewal Experience and discover how it empowers multifamily marketers and agents to efficiently manage and optimize their lease renewal processes.

Challenges Agents Face in Resident Lease Renewals

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of resident lease renewals can be demanding for agents, as they face the following three challenges.

Challenges faced by agents in getting residents to renew

  1. Deadline Dilemmas: Agents often face the challenge of missed renewal deadlines as manual follow-ups become time-consuming and prone to human error. By automating the reminder process, agents can ensure timely communication and eliminate the risk of overlooking important dates.
  2. Reinforcing Renewal Motivation: One of the key challenges is reminding residents why they should renew their leases. Through targeted messaging and personalized communication, agents can effectively reinforce the reasons why residents should choose to stay.
  3. Conquering Retention Rates: Agents face the pressing concern of poor resident renewal rates, which directly impact the overall retention rate year-on-year. Leveraging automation and strategic engagement, agents can maximize lease renewal conversions, leading to improved resident retention and long-term success.

To learn about the 3-step process of designing, automating, and standardizing the resident journey, click here.

How can Journey AI Drips Streamline and Optimize the Resident Lease Renewal Process?

Marketers and agents find it incredibly easy to deploy and run Journey AI Drips’ Resident Renewal experience. By simply approving the branded workflow, marketers can leave the setup process to Hyly.AI’s team. Agents can then seamlessly manage the experience without any additional workload, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free renewal process.

The Resident Renewal Experience by Journey AI Drips offers a seamless “zero-lift follow-up cadence” that revolutionizes communication with residents. Through fully automated and pre-designed email sequences, residents receive timely reminders to renew their leases, eliminating the need for agents to intervene manually. With everything prepared and automated, agents can enjoy a hands-off approach while ensuring a smooth renewal process for residents.

zero-lift follow-up cadence of Resident Renewal Experience

Let’s explore how each of these four emails in Resident Renewal Experience helps the property management team to get residents to renew:

1. Prompting Early Awareness and Planning

The “Renewal Letter Notice” is the initial email in the zero-lift cadence, sent 90 days prior to the lease expiration date.

Email 1 of Resident Renewal Experience

This email serves as an early notification to residents that their lease renewal period is approaching. It provides an opportunity for agents and marketers to set the stage for open communication and reinforce the value of their community.

By sending this email 90 days before the lease expiration date, agents can initiate the renewal process proactively and give residents ample time to consider their options. This timely communication helps agents stay ahead of the curve, demonstrate their commitment to residents, and increase the likelihood of successful lease renewals.

2. Encouraging Timely Decision-making

Sent 60 days before the lease ends, the “Lease Ends in 60 Days” Reminder email acts as a gentle nudge to residents, prompting them to start considering their lease renewal decision.

Email 2 of Resident Renewal Experience

It provides an opportunity for agents and marketers to emphasize the benefits and features of their community that residents have enjoyed during their stay. By highlighting key selling points and addressing any concerns, agents can reinforce the reasons why residents initially chose their community and help them make an informed decision to renew their lease.

3. Amplifying Renewal Consideration and Follow-up

As the lease expiration date approaches, the “Lease Ends in 30 Days” Reminder email serves as a more urgent reminder, creating a sense of urgency for residents to take action.

Email 3 of Resident Renewal Experience

Agents can utilize this opportunity to offer lease renewal incentives, such as limited-time discounts or exclusive perks, further incentivizing residents to renew. By providing clear instructions and a seamless renewal process, agents can streamline the experience for residents, making it easier for them to renew their leases without any added hassle.

4. Expressing Appreciation and Celebrating Resident Loyalty

The “Congratulations on Your Renewal” email is the final email in the zero-lift cadence. It expresses gratitude for residents’ renewal decision and extends congratulations for their continued commitment to the community.

Email 4 of Resident Renewal Experience

It helps the property team in reinforcing residents’ sense of belonging and fostering long-term satisfaction. The email may include additional benefits, such as access to resident-exclusive events or enhanced services, to further enhance resident loyalty. By celebrating their renewal, the property team can create a positive lasting impression, instill a sense of pride in residents, and further solidify the relationship between residents and the community.

How can the Detailed Reports from Journey AI Drips Enhance your Resident Renewal Campaigns?

The Resident Renewal Experience by Journey AI Drips offers property management teams convenient access to a variety of insightful reports, crucial for evaluating and optimizing the effectiveness of renewal programs.

Among these reports, the “By Email” report stands out as a valuable tool, providing a comprehensive overview of campaign performance through three panels.

The first panel, “Overview,” presents a bar chart displaying Unique Opens and Unique Clicks, giving you a holistic view of your campaign’s effectiveness.

Reports by Resident Renewal Experience

In the second panel, “Drill Down By Emails,” you can access in-depth information about each email’s performance, allowing you to analyze engagement metrics and identify successful strategies.

Drilldown by email reports

The “Breakdown by Emails” panel presents the same information in a tabular format, enabling easy reference and comparison.

Breakdown by email reports

These reports provide essential information, including:

  • Email Names: The titles or names of each email sent to residents.
  • Unique Sends: The total number of unique residents who received the email.
  • Percentage of Unique Opens: The percentage of unique residents who opened the email out of the total number of residents.
  • Percentage of Unique Clicks: The percentage of unique residents who clicked on any link within the email.
  • Percentage of Unsubscribes: The percentage of residents who opted out of future emails.
  • Percentage of Bounces: The percentage of email addresses that failed to deliver successfully, usually due to invalid email addresses or full inboxes.

By leveraging these detailed reports, you gain valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your resident renewal campaign. With a data-driven approach, you can make informed decisions, refine your strategies, and improve the overall effectiveness of your renewal initiatives.


Designed to empower multifamily marketers, Journey AI Drips’ Resident Renewal Experience offers seamless automation, streamlined processes, and enhanced resident engagement.

By leveraging customizable email campaigns, reinforced community value, and strategic reminders, Resident Renewal Experience maximizes lease renewal conversions while reducing the workload for agents.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your resident renewal process. Schedule a demo today and unlock the full potential of Journey AI Drips for your multifamily community.

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