Recap: Realities of Virtual Leasing Techniques with Lisa Trosien

02.15.2022 Lisa Trosien, President of, led a webinar on the realities of virtual leasing techniques. The webinar focused on educating leasing agents on the best practices for virtual tours. 

Some of the key takeaways are:

Have a Clear Virtual Strategy

Multifamily companies should make it a priority to come up with a virtual tour strategy. She stated that one could tell when a virtual tour was recorded with no strategy in place. Part of the strategy has to be in the execution of the video. It begins with the planning of the video and should include distribution on social media sites. 

56% of Renters Use Social Media to Find New Apartments

Trosien said leasing agents should take advantage of this and post videos on social sites. Even though this percentage proves social sites to be necessary, Trosien said that she doesn’t see videos on the social accounts that she visits. In addition, leasing agents should also have fresh videos on their sites. 

Hire Professional Videographer and Photographer

Videos recorded seven or eight years ago are outdated and irrelevant in today’s multifamily market. Therefore, it is also suggested that it is good to clean up videos already on the sites. One way of doing that is by hiring a professional videographer or photographer. 

Nobody in the Video Rule

Another tip she gave is to not focus so much on the house. Instead, a leasing agent should turn the camera around and engage with the prospects. Ask them what is important to them instead of solely showcasing the rooms. 

Be Prepared

Having notes to record all the prospects’ questions is also essential. The prospects will be impressed at how prepared one is, which keeps them one step ahead of the competition.

Another technique from the webinar was short videos. Leasing agents should consider short tour videos. They can also hire a spokesmodel to do the tours. 

An example given in the webinar was about apartment locators on TikTok. Such videos are doing great on social platforms because of the personality the locators present in the videos. 

The locators look friendly, inviting, and fun, hence intriguing prospects. 

Showcase the Neighborhood

Another recommended tip is to showcase the neighborhood and its amenities during virtual tour videos. These could be places to eat, shop, and so on. One should also get people living in the neighborhood to give testimonials. Reviews and testimonials increase the chance of closing on leads and turning prospects into residents.

Begin with the End in Mind

Trosien suggested it a good practice, to begin with, the end in mind. An example she gave was, “at the end of the tour, I’ll tell you how to make this apartment yours.” It is also good practice to introduce a sense of scarcity. For example, a leasing agent could tell the prospect that the units are selling out quickly. And it would be better to square out everything during the tour. 

Some other tips she mentioned were: 

  • An agent should maintain eye contact
  • Agents should keep their hands above their waist, especially when making gestures during tours.


Remember to follow these techniques to get the most of your virtual leasing efforts. Being prepared and having a strategy before you begin will surely put you ahead of competitors.



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