Prospect Blasts Experience: Effortlessly Scale Outreach with Branded E-Blasts

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    In the multifamily industry, effective communication with prospects can make or break a leasing deal. However, property-level communication can be a challenge for multifamily marketers and agents due to the lack of centralized control over messaging and branding, agents’ limited marketing expertise, and the tedious process of audience filtering.

    This is where Hyly.AI’s Journey AI Blasts comes in with its innovative Prospect Communication Experience.

    3 Ways Journey AI Blasts Helps Marketers with Prospect Communication

    Journey AI Blasts’ Prospect Communication Experience helps multifamily marketers simplify their communication efforts and achieve the following benefits:

    1. Centralize brand control for consistent messaging: Helps in centralizing your brand messaging and scaling up your marketing efforts through the use of branded e-blast templates and an efficient approval process.
    2. Brand Representation with Ease: Empowers your agents to represent your brand with ease through simple editing and scheduling options.
    3. Streamlined Approval Process: Provides a faster and more efficient way to ensure that their Blasts are approved and sent on time without compromising on brand control.

    In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of Journey AI Blasts’ Prospect Communication Experience and how it can help multifamily marketers and agents overcome the challenges they face in effectively communicating with prospects.

    Common Challenges Faced by Multifamily Agents in Prospect Communication

    Let’s examine some of the most common challenges faced by multifamily agents in prospect communication and how they can impact their ability to secure leases and create a positive impression of the property:

    Prospect Communication Experience - Challenges faced by agents

    • Inconsistent Branding and Messaging: Due to the decentralized nature of communication, multifamily agents struggle to maintain brand consistency and messaging across properties, leading to inconsistent messaging and branding.
    • Limited Marketing Expertise: Multifamily agents are primarily responsible for leasing properties, but they may not have the marketing expertise to represent the brand effectively. This can lead to brand inconsistencies and messaging that does not align with the overall marketing strategy.
    • Approval Process Bottleneck: Lack of a streamlined approval process can lead to a time-consuming back-and-forth between agents and management, resulting in delays in sending out time-sensitive communication to prospects.

    How does Journey AI Blasts help in Effectively Communicating with Prospects?

    Multifamily agents can send Blasts to prospects for various reasons, such as promoting limited-time offers, announcing events, showcasing newly added amenities, etc. These blasts can improve engagement and attract prospects, ultimately resulting in more leases.

    The Prospect Communication Experience offers an innovative solution to multifamily property management teams looking to enhance their communication with prospects.

    Journey AI Blasts’ Prospect Communication Experience can be deployed and run with ease. Marketers only need to provide brand guidelines, and Hyly.AI‘s team will handle the rest. Agents can then use a simple and intuitive WYSIWYG system with minimal effort.

    Let’s explore the key features of Journey AI Blasts’ Prospect Communication Experience and the benefits it brings to both agents and marketers.

    Customize Pre-Existing Templates with Ease

    Journey AI Blasts’ Prospect Communication Experience offers a hassle-free way to create visually appealing and effective e-blasts that captivate your prospects.

    Once you navigate to the Blasts app, you can create a new blast with a single click.

    The best part? You no longer have to spend time and effort creating e-blasts from scratch. With Journey AI Blasts’ Prospect Communication Experience, you can select the purpose of creating the Blast and choose a template that aligns with your brand messaging. From there, you can easily customize the pre-existing template to fit your needs.

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    Once you’ve chosen a template, it’s time to create your e-blast. In the editor, you can easily edit the Blast in the actual email format, making it easy to visualize the final product.

    You can customize fields such as the Blast Title, Subject, Preheader, Email Title, Image, Subtitle, and Body with ease. Journey AI Blasts’ Prospect Communication Experience simplifies the process of creating visually appealing e-blasts that effectively nudge the prospects to take action.

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    This streamlined process of creating e-blasts saves you time and energy, and you can now focus on perfecting your messaging and ensuring that your content resonates with your target audience.

    With Journey AI Blasts’ Prospect Communication Experience, you can create visually stunning e-blasts that are sure to capture the attention of your prospects, helping you stand out from the competition.

    Efficiently Manage Blasts with Calendar

    Journey AI Blasts’ Calendar is a powerful tool that enables agents and marketers to manage their prospect communication activities in a more streamlined manner.

    The calendar provides a comprehensive snapshot of all the blasts that are in different stages, such as draft, scheduled, sent for approval, and those that have already been sent. The legend at the bottom left-hand corner of the calendar provides a clear understanding of the blast’s status.

    Screenshot 3

    One useful aspect of the Calendar is that it allows users to filter the blasts according to their status. For instance, agents and marketers can easily locate drafts, scheduled blasts, and those that have been sent or sent for approval.

    The flexibility to customize views and check approval requests ensures that users stay on top of their prospect communication activities.

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    Furthermore, the notifications icon at the top right corner grants easy access to critical updates and approval requests, keeping agents and marketers informed.

    Screenshot 5

    The Calendar is an exceptional tool for efficiently managing prospect communication activities.

    Streamlined Review and Approval Process

    Journey AI Blasts’ approval process provides a reliable way for admins and selected agents to review Blasts before they are sent to prospects, residents, and brokers. The process is quite simple to set up and can be easily managed by the admins.

    Once the admin is on the Approval Process subtab, they can toggle the Yes/No switch to determine if the approval process is necessary.

    Screenshot 6

    Journey AI Blasts allows admins to customize the approval process by designating specific approvers and identifying agents who don’t require approval. This streamlines the process and ensures that only the necessary stakeholders are involved, saving time and reducing confusion. Ultimately, this feature helps in providing a clear and efficient workflow.

    Screenshot 7

     Screenshot 8

    Once the approval process is set up in Journey AI Blasts, the approver can directly approve or disapprove the Blast. This process is straightforward and can be done in a few clicks.

    Once an agent sends a Blast for approval, the manager/approver will see a banner on the top of the screen with an option to “Review Blast.” Additionally, there will be a notification on the approvals icon waiting to be reviewed. The manager/approver can then easily review the blast by clicking on either of the options.

     Screenshot 9

    Journey AI Blasts’ approval process allows approvers to easily approve or disapprove Blasts by clicking the corresponding buttons.

    In addition to this, approvers can provide valuable feedback to the agent in case of disapproval, helping them to improve their future Blasts. Alternatively, approvers can also choose to edit the Blast themselves and save the changes before approving it.

    Prospect Communication Experience - Screenshot 10

    Once the Blast is approved, it will automatically appear in the Blast calendar. This streamlined process benefits agent and marketers by providing them with a faster and more efficient way to ensure that their Blasts are approved and sent on time.

    Based on 10 million emails sent monthly, the Hyly.AI Data Science Team recommends the best time to send multifamily prospect e-blasts is Friday at 7 pm.

    Valuable Insights with Reports

    The Reports section in Journey AI Blasts provides a valuable resource to multifamily property management teams. The reports are easily accessible and allow the team to analyze data and gain insights into their marketing campaigns.

     Screenshot 11

    The “By Blast” Report is particularly helpful as it presents data in a structured and presentable format, with three panels that provide a detailed breakdown of each blast’s analytics.

    The report includes important metrics such as:

    • Unique send: the number of individual contacts who received the Blast.
    • Open rate: the percentage of recipients who opened the Blast.
    • Click-through rate: the percentage of recipients who clicked on at least one link in the Blast.
    • Unsubscribe rate: the percentage of recipients who clicked on the unsubscribe link in the Blast.
    • Bounce rate: the percentage of emails that were undeliverable and returned to the sender.

    With this information, the team can quickly identify which blasts are most effective and make data-driven decisions to improve their marketing campaigns.


    In conclusion, Hyly.AI’s Prospect Communication Experience offers a powerful solution to streamline communication and increase engagement with prospects.

    By providing a user-friendly platform for creating and sending targeted messages, as well as detailed reports to track the effectiveness of campaigns, Journey AI Blasts helps multifamily property management teams to optimize their marketing efforts and drive conversions. With its powerful features and ease of use, this tool can ultimately lead to improved occupancy rates and increased revenue.

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