Engage Your Prospects with Events

9 event ideas for your multifamily prospects to tour and fall in love with your community.

Assuming that you have a welcomed a new prospect with an automated welcome campaign, your next goal is to engage them with your community. We’ll give you ideas on how to do this using community events.

Use the power of email list segmentation to invite prospects that have not yet scheduled a tour.

In addition to these ideas, you can use the power of email list segmentation to get the word out to just the right prospects. For example, you can create a target email segment of only those prospects that have gone through the welcome campaign, but have not yet toured your property.

Here are 3 event ideas [with email templates] and 6 others to get your creative juices flowing.

Event Ideas

Idea #1: Summer Barbecue Cook-Out

Enjoy a barbecue cook-out with your prospects during warm weather holidays, such as Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. Provide free hot dogs, burgers and soft drinks. Encourage them to ask questions about your community during the cook-out.
(Download Template)


Idea #2: Pre-Thanksgiving Food Drive

Day3Thanksgiving potluck

Host a pre-Thanksgiving food drive party. Provide snacks and drinks. Invite prospects to bring a canned food or non-perishable item and donate the items to a local homeless shelter. Such a drive will also let your prospects know that they will be part of a community that cares. (Download Template)


Idea #3: Holiday Party

Celebrate the holidays with your prospects. Provide snacks, drinks and holiday music. You may host a special story time session to provide an activity for your prospect’s children. Let them know they can have fun at your place! (Download Template)

Other Event Ideas

  • New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Party: Invite your prospects to a New Year’s Eve Ball Drop party. Provide snacks, drinks, and leave your marketing collateral nearby. Turn on the television for prospects to watch the ball drop in New York City’s Times Square.


  • Super Bowl Party: Invite your prospects over to watch the big game together. Turn on the community lounge’s television to watch the Super Bowl. Provide game day snacks and drinks, as well as your marketing collateral.


  • Valentine’s Day Chocolate Fondue Party: Everyone loves chocolate. Treat your prospects to a chocolate fondue fountain for Valentine’s Day. Provide marshmallows and strawberries for dipping. Create a custom photo booth with a backdrop and fun props. Leave out pink-colored marketing collateral.


  • St. Patrick’s Day Canned Food Drive: Host a canned food drive on St. Patrick’s Day. Provide snacks and drinks. Ask prospects to bring a canned food. Leave out gold-colored marketing collateral.


  • Easter Egg Hunt: It was always fun hunting for plastic Easter eggs around the backyard as a child. Host an Easter egg hunt for your prospects to win prizes and explore what your community has to offer.


  • Halloween Party: Invite your prospects to get into the Halloween spirit with a Halloween party. Provide snacks and drinks. Incorporate Halloween-themed music with songs like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or “The Monster Mash.” Also host a costume contest. Leave out orange-colored marketing collateral.


    Events not only create memorable experiences, but also positively influence a prospect’s leasing decision and get them closer to signing that precious lease! Hopefully, by now you have plenty of event ideas to engage your prospects using email nurturing.

    Which events have been the most successful for your community? We would like to hear about it. Email ideas@hy.ly and we may share your idea in one of our next posts!

    Life’s a party — why not celebrate it?

    (This post is part of our series on 7 Ways to Get More Leases Using Email Nurturing.)