An Introduction to Video Tours for Multifamily

Video Tours: Why You Need Them

Likely a few months ago Video Tours weren’t on most people’s radar; now Live Video Tours are the primary way most leasing professionals are meeting with prospective residents.

But what exactly are Video Tours, what are the advantages and disadvantages to using them, and do they actually increase revenue?

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What Exactly are Video Tours? 

Video Tours can be guided or self-guided:

  • Guided
    • Live Video Tours
  • Self-guided
    • 3D Walk-throughs
    • 360° Video Walk-through
    • Pre-recorded Videos

    Live Video Tours

    Live Video Tours are a LIVE interaction that can occur only at the scheduled time via video call. The prospect and property agent virtually walk through the property. This makes for a more personalized tour and allows the prospect to ask questions.

    3D Walk-Through

    A self-guided 3D walk-through provides a 360 walk-through of a property that is controlled entirely by the prospect.

    360° Video Walk-Through

    Another Self-guided virtual tour option is a 360 video walk-through. In this case, the prospect views a video that moves them through the apartment at a relatively slow pace. The prospect is able to click and drag the screen to see the space from different angles. This method is quite sleek; however, unless the prospect pauses the video, they are unable to linger in a particular room.

    Pre-Recorded Videos

    Finally, you can use pre-recorded videos as a form of self-guided video tours. These videos are either agent led or the video will walk through the apartment without an agent or interactive features.

    At Hyly.AI, our hyTour app now supports Live Video Tours.


    What are the Advantages of Live Video Tours?

    Live Video Tours have several advantages for Multifamily:

    Easy & Safe

    The safety of both property agents and prospects is a top priority. Live Video Tours allow prospects to virtually walk through a property easily without risking their health and safety, and that of the property agent’s.


    Live Video Tours allow prospects to engage with a property agent via video call. Prospects can ask questions in real-time. This makes for a personalized experience that Self-guided Video Tours do not offer.

    Attracts Serious Prospects

    Prospects who are truly interested will want to move from Live Video Tours/virtual interactions to in-person interactions to move forward. Put another way, if your leasing staff has more time and energy to spend on these serious inquiries the more likely that prospect is to sign a lease!

    Helpful Hints with Video Tours: Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Tours for Apartment Marketing


    Who Benefits Most from Live Video Tours?

    Nearly everyone can benefit from Live Video Tours, more specifically though: out-of-state prospects, working individuals, prospects with physical obstacles, and students are among those who benefit the most.


    What are the Disadvantages of Live Video Tours? 

    Live Video Tours are not immune to a couple of disadvantages:

    Lack of Community Connection

    One disadvantage of Live Video Tours is the lack of community connection that in-person tours provide. When prospects tour in-person they not only gain an understanding of the property, but also a sense of the community, neighborhood, and amenities surrounding that property. Live Video Tours can offer this experience to a degree, but not as efficiently as in-person tours.

    Lack of Flexibility

    While most people benefit from Video Tours, Live Video Tours still require scheduling and a live interaction. This can prove challenging if, for example, you have an out-of-state prospect living in a significantly different time zone or a prospect whose work schedule is quite rigid. Still, in both cases, Live Video Tours offer more flexibility than in-person tours.

    *Note: hyTours supports Resident Appointments and Prospect Scheduling where residents and prospects can schedule appointments with property agents.


    How are Other Companies Using Video Tours?

    Several Multifamily companies have already implemented a version of VideoTours in both guided and self-guided formats.

    Elan Halcyon: Offering both Guided and Self-Guided Options

    FiveTwo: Schedule a Live Video Tour

    Ascent Midtown: Self-Guided Video Tours

    Hyly.AI Scheduler: Implementing Live Video Tours


    How Impactful are Video Tours?

    Simply put, Video Tours of any kind are important. Most prospects find their apartments online. Serious prospects research and plan before selecting a property. Video Tours can be a vital part of this research and planning process.

    Ultimately, all forms of Video Tours are extremely beneficial to Multifamily Marketing success.

    For statistics on Video Tours, click here.


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