hyTours Product Announcement: Live Video Tours & Resident Appointments

hyTours: Now with Live Video Tours & Resident Appointments!

We have been busy customizing hyTours for our clients who requested us to swap out In-Person tours with Video Tours. Given the overwhelmingly positive response from Regional and Property Managers, we have now made Live Video Tours an in-built option of the hyTours product.


hyTours: Feature Summary

hyTours’ now supports 3 major tours/appointment types:

  • In-Person Tours: Tours conducted in person
  • Live Video Tours: Tours conducted via video calls
  • Resident Appointments: Appointments for residents with a member of your team

These features allow you to give your prospects and residents flexibility in how they choose to transact with you. More flexibility allows more leasing and renewal opportunities!


Live Video Tours

Motivation: Tours via Video Call

Live Video Tours allow your agents to conduct live tours via video call for ease and safety of both your agents and your clients.

Benefit: Easy On, Easy Off

With hyTours, it’s easy to add and remove tour and appointment options. If you choose to add Live Video Tours and Resident Appointments during COVID, you can easily transition back to In-Person Tours. You can also choose to move forward with a mixed-tour environment—offering both In-Person Tours and Live Video Tours and keeping on Resident Appointments. The choice is yours!

Benefit: Automate Messaging for Live Video Tours

You can easily create distinct automated follow-up and reminder emails for both In-Person and Live Video Tours.

For Live Video Tours, these automated follow-ups and reminders differ from those used for in-person tours. This is primarily due to how tours are conducted. These automated messages can be adjusted to provide crucial information, such as directions to the property versus video calling links, that relate to each individual property and tour type.

Live Video Tour automated message:


In-Person Tour automated message:


Benefit: Customize Messaging for Live Video Tours

In-Person Tour customization: property links

Customization is an especially important feature when you offer prospects multiple tours and appointment types. Like in the automated messages, customization allows you to distinguish in-person tours and Live video tours. Additionally, you can include property-specific links. For example, if different properties have different Facebook or Google My Business links.


Live Video Tours customization: video calling software options

For Live Video Tours, customization allows you to offer multiple video calling software options for conducting Live Video Tours. It may be the case that different prospects require different video calling software; for example, FaceTime over Zoom.


Having the ability to customize these follow-ups and reminders gives you and your prospects flexibility, creating a more personalized experience.


Resident Appointments

hyTours has also added Resident Appointments. Resident Appointments allow Residents to easily reserve time slots on the agent’s calendar. These appointments allow Residents to discuss things like their lease, any questions or concerns about the property, general inquires etc. These appointments make you and your team accessible to Residents and their needs.


How To Activate?

To activate Live Video Tours and Resident Appointments:

  • Contact Us: Please give us a call 516-HYLY-INC or emails us at sales@hy.ly
  • Knowledge Base: If you already have hyTours, check out our Knowledge Base for an overview on setting up Live Video Tours and Resident Appointments.


Thank you for counting on us during this time!

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