Hyly.AI Collaborates With Zumper

01.22.2022 – At Hyly.AI, our mission is to change how multifamily works. With over 12 years of experience, we have formulated solutions specific to the multifamily industry that are must-have, data-driven, and autonomous. In addition, we continually collaborate with our clients to provide future-ready technology that tackles all the business challenges unique to the multifamily ecosystem.

We innovate round the clock to find ways for multifamily businesses to scale up their marketing efforts, find the right prospects, and reduce the time to lease. Continuing to create consistent experiences and strengthen brands, we are excited to announce our latest integration with Zumper. Zumper is the third-largest rental real estate platform in North America. With this new integration, we move one step closer to empowering multifamily communities to streamline their scheduling processes effortlessly. With Zumper’s 45,000+ communities and 13 million+ monthly renters and hyTours intuitive tour scheduling features, communities will be able to reduce the lead-to-lease time.

hyTours by Hyly.AI is a multifamily must-have tour scheduler preferred by the top NMHC companies. It simplifies the house-hunting process for the prospects by giving them the power to schedule, book, and confirm tours of any kind, entirely online and in real-time. It also eliminates the challenges like double booking, no-shows, tour confirmation, and reminders for the communities by seamlessly integrating with their choice of CRM. hyTours uses the power of data and human-centric workflows to make the tour scheduling process autonomous. With this Humans + Machines approach, our ultimate goal is to create time and space for deeper human relations by automating manual and repetitive tasks for the multifamily teams.

The power of Zumper’s indomitable platform with the overall mission “to change the way people rent, and to make it easier, faster, and more human” and Hyly.AI’s game-changing solutions align perfectly. Unlock value for everyone – renters, property owners, and the overall multifamily ecosystem. We are beyond thrilled to have this partnership that will transform the multifamily experience.

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