Hyly.AI and Knock Partnership for Better Multifamily Management

Hyly.AI Integrates With Knock 

Knock Knock! Hyly.AI’s new integration is here. Hyly.AI, the leading marketing automation in multifamily, is now integrated with Knock. Knock joins a pool of other leasing systems that have an alliance with Hyly. AI.  

What does this mean for you?

Our new partnership complements the Prospect and Resident journeys so they have smooth experience. So if you are using Knock tour scheduler and any of our products, such as hymail Blasts or hymail Drips, you don’t have to worry about losing data. Your prospects can schedule a tour as usual on your tour scheduler and you can count on Hyly.AI to collect their: 

  • Names
  • Email 
  • Desired number of bedrooms
  • Price range
  • Move-in date

Hyly.AI will collect all the prospect information and data and store them in a central place for you in our CRM. Our system also goes further to analyze the data and provide you with analytical reports. In addition, Hyly.AI and Knock have come together to provide your leasing teams with an efficient workflow that will help them prioritize quality leads. 

Learn more about how Hyly.AI can help you get the most out of your data. 

About Knock

Knock is a multifamily software that helps properties in lease effectiveness and schedule tours. They are among the top leasing platforms for residential property companies. It prides itself as a platform that helps in closing more leases by accelerating conversions.

About Hyly.AI

Hyly.AI focuses on improving the multifamily industry. With a wide range of products designed solely with multifamily in mind, Hyly.AI is the go-to marketing software for property management companies looking to save time, and increase revenue. Furthermore, Hyly.AI is the perfect future-proof technology. 

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