Best Reads for Multifamily Marketers for 04/22/2016

Top 5 Reads for Multifamily Marketers:
↝ Multifamily ROI: You want to improve conversions, but where do you start?
↝ Multifamily Finance: 180% Growth in International Investments
↝ Content Marketing: 11 Tools to Improve your content marketing
↝ Multifamily Emails: Your CTA should speak to your prospect’s needs, not yours
↝ Retention Best Practices: Make every experience count

(The cutting edge of the marketing technology and multifamily marketing is being redefined. Here are some of the best articles we read this week on these topics. We hope you, as a multifamily marketer on the leading edge, will find these useful. — Munish)


Multifamily ROI

You want to improve your conversions, but where do you start? First, make sure you have tracking systems in place for all touch points. Second, watch your analytics like a hawk. Third, act upon your insights to promote touch points that are working and drop the touch points that are not. ↝ How to Improve Your Conversion Rate By 50% in One Day by Jacob Baadsgaard


Multifamily Finance

International Investments in US Apartments grows by 180% in 2015. This growth signals optimism about the current yield of the multifamily sector in US.  Investments from Europe and Middle East alone were $3.2billion!. ↝ Multifamily Investments Grow by 180% by Les Shaver


Content Marketing

Improve your content marketing with these 11 tools. From ideation to distribution, content marketing requires time and effort. These tools will save you time and improve the quality of your marketing efforts: Feedly, Trendspottr,, Canva, Hemmingway Editor, StayFocused, Tomato Timer, Buffer, Trello,, ↝ 11 Tools That Will Save You Time with Content Marketing by Neil Patel


Multifamily Emails

Your CTA should speak to your prospect’s needs, not yours. For example, instead of a CTA that asks them “Sign Up” for your newsletter, how about a CTA that allows your prospects to “Get Special Offers”. Notice the difference? “Sign Up” is what you want them to do, but “Get Special Offers” is what they want. The result is the same — they have signed up for your newsletter! ↝ How to Write Highly Compelling Calls-to-Action for Email by John Bonini


Retention Best Practices

Make every experience count. Your prospect and customers deserve your attention at every touch point. If possible, give them the tools to help themselves 24/7. And, finally, make sure you have the tracking systems to measure the effectiveness of your touch points. ↝ Retain More Customers Using These Three Proven Techniques by Sherice Jacob