Best Reads for Multifamily Marketers – 04/08/2016

Top 5 Reads for Multifamily Marketers (week ending 4/8/2016) ➺ How Emotional Targeting Converts More Leads ➺ Slowing Apartment Demand and Slipping Occupancy Surface in First Quarter ➺ Mobile Marketing: Reaching Students by ‘Food’ Truck ➺ 9 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Get People To Respond To Your Email ➺ The Art of Finding Ideas

(The cutting edge of the marketing technology and multifamily marketing is being redefined. Here are some of the best articles we read this week on these topics. We hope you, as a multifamily marketer on the leading edge, will find these useful. — Munish)

Psychology of Marketing

Connecting emotionally with your readers is key to a successful marketing campaign. Psychological triggers, memorable experiences, visual storytelling and connecting through emotions are important aspects of telling a captivating story and, eventually converting more leads. [How Emotional Targeting Converts More Leads]

Multifamily Supply & Demand

The first quarter of 2016 saw atypical downward trends in apartment rentals and occupancy. What is expectedly a productive time of the year for both jobs and apartment rentals, new research statistics indicate otherwise. Rental pricing continued an upsurge however. [Slowing Apartment Demand and Slipping Occupancy Surface in First Quarter]

Guerilla Multifamily Marketing

Use innovative “mobile” marketing methods to entice your target demographic: Food Trucks! The increasing presence of food trucks in the proximity of student activities provides multifamily leasing agents with an opportunity to draw in potential leasers. This also provides a cost-effective way to close the gap of lead-to-lease time for multifamily businesses. [Mobile Marketing: Reaching Students by ‘Food’ Truck]

Email Marketing

If you want a response to your email, then simply ask for it, loud and clear! Get the attention of your reader through clear, straight-forward and succinct messaging. Implementing simple tricks such as “Start your message with a clear request”, “Use Emotion”, and “Stay in the Sweet Spot when it comes to Length” will increase the probability of a response to your email. [9 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Get People To Respond To Your Email by Stephanie Vozza]

Content Marketing

Fresh ideas are always all around us, and they don’t have to be original. Great ideas and creations creep into our minds through other related and un-related ideas as opposed to being born out of a light-bulb moment. Flooded with ideas from the media and the Internet, the art of finding ideas can be about how to tweak an existing idea to form a fresh one. [The Art of Finding Ideas by Robert Bruce]