Glossary of Multifamily Marketing Technology

Autonomous Lifecycle Marketing

Automation is the key to making Customer Lifecycle Marketing for Multifamily work. Autonomous Lifecycle Marketing is Hyly.AI’s system to automate customer lifecycle marketing for Multifamily. It combines customer lifecycle marketing efforts from employees and the digital workforce to build stronger customer relationships.

Using a series of plays, Autonomous Lifecycle Marketing provides targeted content to customers. The customer’s stage in the lifecycle determines the play used. Each play is a collection of email topics to send to customers in a particular stage of the lifecycle. A play contains a mix of automated drips, triggered alerts and eBlasts. Each of the email types used in a play involves some degree of automation. All together, these emails work to move customers from one stage to the next. Plus, Autonomous Lifecycle Marketing is faster and easier than traditional email marketing campaigns!

To learn more about Autonomous Lifecycle Marketing, read the guide!

Source: Hyly.AI