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Hyly Tour Site

Hyly.AI’s hyTours platform was built to provide an efficient tour site experience for prospects.  No matter the property, no matter the prospect, they can tour! 

Tour Site’s features allow different ways for prospects to access and schedule tours. It unifies and simplifies tour management across all platforms. It supports every major tour type:

  • Pre-Recorded Videos
  • 3D Tours
  • In-Person Tours
  • Live Video Tours
  • Self-Guided Tours

Tour Site provides flexibility that matches the needs of every prospect. No matter their location or schedule they can set up a tour with ease. 

How Does the Tour Schedule Feature Work?

When prospects navigate to your website or your integrated content providers such as your ILS, they will see an option to ‘Take a Tour’.

After clicking this option, our tour hub will appear. This tour hub will contain buttons indicating all of your property’s touring options.

Tour Types

Pre-recorded videos

The pre-recorded videos option gives prospects a series of your pre-recorded community or unit videos. From anywhere in the world, prospects can watch as the leasing agent showcases the community. 

Although 3D videos are said to be a better version of pre-recorded videos, the latter is extremely important. As opposed to 3D videos that have a high level of production, pre-recorded videos offer authenticity. Prospects perceive what they view as the real deal. Because there is no overproduction such as post-production editing. 

In addition, pre-recorded videos offer your team an online library of content. Therefore, in a case where a prospect wants to view a video of a specific floor plan, it is immediately available.

3D tour

A 3D tour is an interactive, slow-paced, walk-through video of a property. It allows prospects to experience what it might be like to physically move through the property. The prospects are also able to click the screen for different viewing angles. 

3D tour videos put prospects in control. Instead of following the flow of an agent, they can tour a property according to their preference. For example, some prospects are more interested in the kitchen, some are more interested in the living room space. 

With 3D video tours, prospects are at liberty to pinch, scroll, or zoom the video.  In addition, it offers multiple and realistic viewpoints. For example, a birds-eye view gives prospects an idea of how the space functions without physically being in it. 3D video tours also provide floor plans which is a plus for leasing agents. 

In-person tours

If a prospect selects the In-Person Tour option, they will be redirected to the traditional scheduler. Here, they can schedule their tour normally. 

With in-person tours, it is easier for agents to build personal relationships with prospects. When prospects can connect with you, they are more likely to lease. 

Live video tours

This process is similar to in-person tours. When a prospect selects live video tours, they will be redirected to that scheduler. The prospect can then schedule a tour like a normal in-person tour. 

Live videos are essential and every multifamily business must adopt them into their tour scheduling system. Not only does it save time, but it also increases the conversion rate of prospects to lease. Live video tours are offered in real-time and are customizable to the needs of specific prospects. The prospects can choose and direct exactly what they want to see during the live video. 

Self-guided tours

Self-guided tours allow prospects to self-tour apartments and view communities on their own without a leasing agent. The self-guided tour is another type of tour that many prospects prefer because of its convenience. For one, they can schedule a tour on their own time.

And second, they don’t have to worry about bumping into other prospects. Furthermore, this tour type is preferred by prospects who look for independence and privacy to explore the property in their own comfort, at their own pace.

Self-guided tours are usually set up by the leasing team. The self-guided tour option is different for each community. When a prospect selects the self-guided tours option, they will be redirected to the self-guided tour page or to the leasing office for further instructions. 

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To get hyTour’s features for your multifamily property, send us an email at sales@hy.ly or ring us at 516-HYLY-INC.

Stay tuned for more innovations!


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