Resident Welcome Experience: Streamline Onboarding with Automation


Resident Welcome Experience helps the agent and residents

As multifamily marketers, you often find yourself grappling with the challenge of efficiently welcoming new residents while juggling numerous other responsibilities. The stress of orchestrating a seamless resident welcome experience can be overwhelming, especially when faced with limited time and resources.

This is where HylyAI’s Journey AI Drips comes in with its Resident Welcome Experience, which empowers multifamily marketers to welcome new residents in a remarkably efficient and personalized manner.

3 Benefits of Journey AI Drips’ Resident Welcome Experience for Marketers

  1. Personalized Onboarding: Helps in effortlessly welcoming new residents with a series of bite-sized, targeted communications, ensuring a warm and personalized onboarding journey.
  2. Agent Efficiency: Relieves agents from the stress of managing resident welcomes by offloading the task to AI, freeing up their time for other critical responsibilities.
  3. Streamlined Scalability: Unifies and scales the resident welcome process across all properties, ensuring consistency and delivering an exceptional experience for residents across the board.

Join us in this blog as we explore the hurdles faced by agents when welcoming residents and discover the game-changing capabilities of Journey AI Drips’ Resident Welcome Experience.

Challenges Agents Face in Providing a Memorable Resident Welcome

When it comes to providing a seamless welcome experience for residents, agents frequently encounter the following challenges:

Challenges agents face in providing a resident welcome experience

  • Information Overload: Agents struggle as new residents often miss crucial information amidst the overwhelming amount of onboarding material.
  • Repetitive Hassle: Agents face time-consuming and repetitive tasks during resident onboarding, which hampers their productivity and diverts their focus from other critical responsibilities.
  • Brand Inconsistency: Agents find it challenging to maintain a consistent brand experience across resident onboarding, resulting in a chaotic and disjointed welcome process.

To learn about the 3-step process of designing, automating, and standardizing the resident journey, click here.

How Does Journey AI Drips Help in Providing a Seamless Resident Welcome?

Deploying and running Journey AI Drips’ Resident Welcome Experience is a seamless experience for both marketers and agents. Marketers can effortlessly approve the branded workflow and confidently rely on the capable Hyly.AI team to manage all the complexities. Simultaneously, agents can effortlessly manage the experience without any additional burden, ensuring a welcome process that is smooth and stress-free.

Journey AI Drips’ Resident Welcome Experience elevates resident onboarding with its effortless ‘zero-lift follow-up cadence.’ Agents can enjoy a hands-off approach, saving precious time and effort as zero lifting is required from their side. Through meticulously crafted and automated email sequences, residents receive a personalized and seamless welcome, resulting in increased lease renewals and valuable resident referrals.

Zero-lift follow-up cadence of Resident Welcome Experience

Let’s take a look at how this follow-up cadence enhances the property management team’s ability to deliver a positive and memorable welcome experience to residents:

1. Welcome & Convenience: Connecting Residents to Essential Services

This email serves as a warm welcome to new residents, providing them with direct links to essential services.

Email Screenshot 1 of Resident Welcome Experience

By including links to the resident customer service office, maintenance portal, and rent portal, agents and marketers ensure a seamless onboarding experience. Residents can easily access customer support, submit maintenance requests, regardless of size, and conveniently pay rent online.

By optimizing communication, this email empowers agents and marketers to streamline operations and reduce their reliance on manual assistance. It also keeps residents happy and satisfied by offering immediate access to essential resources, enhancing their convenience and overall experience.

2. Connect & Engage: Strengthening Resident-Property Relationship

The “Stay in Touch” email serves as a valuable tool for agents and marketers to foster a sense of community and connection with residents.

Email Screenshot 2 of Resident Welcome Experience

By including links to the property’s social media pages like Facebook and Instagram, agents encourage residents to engage and connect with the property online.

This email offers agents and marketers valuable opportunities to cultivate ongoing interactions, enhancing the connection between residents and the property. It keeps residents happy and satisfied by providing avenues to stay informed about community events and updates and fostering a sense of belonging.

3. Discover & Enjoy: Maximizing Resident Satisfaction with Amenities

The “Amenities & Services” email showcases the property’s offerings, providing residents with a link to view amenities such as the gym, pool, clubhouse, or resident lounge.

Email Screenshot 3 of Resident Welcome Experience

Agents and marketers can leverage this email to enhance resident satisfaction by effectively promoting and maximizing the utilization of the property’s amenities and services. By highlighting these features, agents contribute to a positive resident experience and increased utilization of amenities. This email keeps residents happy and satisfied by helping them easily explore and enjoy the facilities available within their community, enhancing their overall quality of living.

How Detailed Reports by Journey AI Drips Enhance the Effectiveness of Resident Welcome Strategies?

Journey AI Drips’ Welcome Experience equips property management teams with convenient access to a comprehensive set of insightful reports, essential for evaluating and refining resident welcome strategies for optimal effectiveness.

Unlocking the power of data, Journey AI Drips’ Resident Welcome Experience introduces the game-changing “By Email” report. This invaluable tool comprises three informative panels, providing actionable insights for campaign performance assessment.

The first panel, “Overview,” presents a bar chart showcasing data on Unique Opens and Unique Clicks, offering a comprehensive view of campaign effectiveness at a glance.

Reports Screenshot 1 by Resident Welcome Experience

Delving deeper, the second panel, “Drilldown by Email,” enables a granular analysis of each email’s performance, revealing engagement metrics and facilitating the identification of successful strategies.

Reports Screenshot 2 by Resident Welcome Experience

To simplify references and facilitate easy comparison, the third panel, “Breakdown by Email,” presents the same information in a convenient tabular format, empowering property management teams to make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

Reports Screenshot 3 by Resident Welcome Experience

These reports provide essential information, including:

  • Email Names: The titles or names of each email sent to residents.
  • Unique Sends: The total number of unique residents who received the email.
  • Percentage of Unique Opens: The percentage of unique residents who opened the email out of the total number of residents.
  • Percentage of Unique Clicks: The percentage of unique residents who clicked on any link within the email.
  • Percentage of Unsubscribes: The percentage of residents who opted out of future emails.
  • Percentage of Bounces: The percentage of email addresses that failed to deliver successfully, usually due to invalid email addresses or full inboxes.

The detailed reports provided by Journey AI Drips play a crucial role in optimizing resident welcome strategies. By analyzing the data and insights offered, property management teams can make informed decisions to enhance the effectiveness of their welcome campaigns.

These reports provide valuable metrics on engagement, such as unique opens and clicks, allowing teams to gauge the performance of their communication efforts. With this knowledge, they can identify successful strategies, fine-tune their messaging, and create a more personalized and seamless resident welcome experience. The reports act as a guiding tool, empowering property teams to continuously improve and deliver exceptional resident experience from the very beginning.


Journey AI Drips’ Resident Welcome Experience revolutionizes the way multifamily marketers approach resident onboarding.

By leveraging AI-powered automation, personalized communications, and detailed reports, agents can offload the stress of welcoming new residents and create a seamless and delightful experience. The benefits of this innovative solution extend beyond saving time and effort for agents, as it ultimately enhances resident satisfaction, encourages lease renewals, and drives valuable referrals.

To witness the power of Journey AI Drips firsthand and explore how it can transform your resident welcome process, schedule a demo today.


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