Resident Satisfaction Experience: Strengthening Relationships with Monthly Check-Ins

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For multifamily marketers, fostering strong relationships with residents is crucial for success. Yet, managing the constant task of engaging residents, gathering feedback, and ensuring satisfaction can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

Fortunately, Hyly.AI’s Journey AI Drips addresses these challenges head-on with its Resident Satisfaction Experience.

3 Benefits of Journey AI Drips for Marketers: Keeping Residents Satisfied and Ensuring Renewal Success

  1. Strengthen Relationships Through Monthly Check-ins: Journey AI Drip’s Resident Satisfaction Experience allows marketers to strengthen relationships with residents by implementing monthly check-ins, fostering consistent engagement and connection throughout their lease term.
  2. Automate Feedback and Gain Valuable Insights: With Journey AI Drip, marketers can automate resident feedback collection effortlessly. The automated emails feature clear CTAs that direct residents to Google Review Pages, custom review pages, or the resident portal, streamlining the process of gathering valuable feedback and empowering retention strategies.
  3. Effortless Resident Satisfaction Management: By utilizing Journey AI Drip, marketers can ensure resident satisfaction without burdening the agent’s task list, streamlining the process and allowing them to focus on other crucial responsibilities while maintaining high levels of resident satisfaction.

In this blog, we will delve into the challenges agents encounter when striving to keep residents satisfied, and uncover the transformative power of Journey AI Drips’ Resident Satisfaction Experience, revolutionizing and streamlining the entire process for multifamily marketers.

Challenges Agents Face in Meeting Resident Satisfaction

When it comes to ensuring resident satisfaction, agents often grapple with the following challenges:

Challenges solved by Resident Satisfaction Experience

  • Limited Time for Regular Check-ins with Residents: The onsite team’s busy schedule often leaves agents with limited time for regular check-ins with residents. Establishing consistent and meaningful interactions is vital for building strong relationships, addressing concerns, and proactively meeting residents’ needs. Overcoming this time constraint becomes crucial to foster resident satisfaction and increase the likelihood of lease renewal.
  • Delay in Receiving and Addressing Resident Issues: Agents face the challenge of delays in receiving and addressing resident issues, which can ultimately result in higher turnover rates. Finding efficient ways to promptly address and resolve concerns is crucial for creating a positive resident experience, increasing satisfaction, and ensuring they choose to renew their lease.
  • Disengaged Residents as Lease Matures: Agents often struggle with residents becoming disengaged as their lease approaches its end, leading to a potential turnover. Maintaining consistent communication and connection throughout the lease term becomes challenging, making it essential to find innovative solutions to keep residents engaged and satisfied.

To learn about the 3-step process of designing, automating, and standardizing the resident journey, click here.

How does Journey AI Drips Ensure Resident Satisfaction?

Deploying and running Journey AI Drips’ Resident Satisfaction Experience is a breeze for marketers and agents alike. Marketers can easily approve the branded workflow and trust the capable Hyly.AI team to handle all the intricacies. Meanwhile, agents can effortlessly manage the experience without any added workload, guaranteeing a nurturing process that is seamless and hassle-free.

Journey AI Drips’ Resident Satisfaction Experience takes resident nurturing to new heights with its ‘zero-lift follow-up cadence.’ Utilizing meticulously crafted and automated email sequences ensures residents’ happiness and satisfaction. These timely reminders not only encourage lease renewals but also drive resident referrals. The best part? Agents can enjoy a hands-off approach as zero lifting is required from their side, saving valuable time and effort.

Zero-lift Follow-Up Cadence of Resident Satisfaction Experience

Let’s take a look at how this follow-up cadence helps the property management team to keep the residents happy and satisfied:

1. Move-In Celebration & Assistance

The “Congratulations on your move-in” is the first email of this Zero-lift cadence. Apart from serving as a congratulatory message to residents on their move-in, it also provides them with a convenient way to reach out to the leasing office.

Resident Satisfaction Experience Email 1

It establishes a channel of communication for residents to address any issues or queries, ensuring prompt assistance and fostering a positive resident experience. Agents and marketers benefit from improved resident satisfaction and the opportunity to address concerns promptly, creating a strong foundation for resident retention and renewals.

2. Celebrating 1-Month & Community Feedback

The “1-month anniversary” email is a celebration of residents’ milestones, providing them with a chance to rate the community and offer valuable feedback to the property team.

Resident Satisfaction Experience Email 2

This automated email features clear and enticing CTAs that direct residents to platforms like Google Review Pages, popular review sites like Yelp, or custom review pages. Some properties may even choose to redirect residents to the resident portal, where they can easily submit their feedback. Moreover, the option to include an “Email us” CTA allows for a more personalized and direct mode of gathering feedback, ensuring that residents have multiple avenues to express their thoughts.

Giving feedback allows residents to feel heard, valued, and actively involved in shaping their living experience, leading to increased satisfaction.

By actively seeking resident input, marketers and agents can identify areas for improvement, promptly address concerns, and enhance overall resident satisfaction. Additionally, positive online reviews generated through this feedback system attract new prospects, further boosting the community’s reputation.

3. Convenient Service Requests with a 3-Month Check-In

The “3-month anniversary” email checks in with residents and also provides an avenue for them to submit service requests conveniently. It informs residents about the option to use the resident portal or call the property team for any service needs, emphasizing the ease of submitting work orders online.

Resident Satisfaction Experience Email 3

This email benefits agents and marketers by streamlining the service request process, reducing administrative workload, and ensuring prompt resolution of maintenance issues. It enhances resident satisfaction by offering efficient solutions and reinforces positive experiences.

4. Mid-Lease Feedback through a 6-Month Survey

The “6-month anniversary” email presents an opportunity for residents to provide feedback through a mid-lease survey. This email benefits agents and marketers by collecting valuable insights into residents’ experiences and satisfaction levels halfway through their lease.

Resident Satisfaction Experience Email 4

It allows agents to address any concerns proactively, resolve issues promptly, and improve overall resident satisfaction. Additionally, gathering feedback at this stage helps marketers refine their strategies, tailor their offerings, and ensure continued resident happiness and loyalty.

How do Detailed Reports by Journey AI Drips Contribute to Resident Satisfaction?

With Journey AI Drips’ Resident Satisfaction Experience, property management teams gain convenient access to a comprehensive set of insightful reports vital for evaluating and fine-tuning the efficacy of resident satisfaction strategies.

Journey AI Drips’ Resident Satisfaction Experience offers a standout report known as the “By Email” report. This invaluable tool provides a comprehensive overview of campaign performance through three informative panels, delivering actionable insights.

Panel 1 is the Overview panel which displays a bar chart showcasing data on Unique Opens and Unique Clicks, providing a comprehensive view of campaign effectiveness.

Reports 1

The second panel is Drilldown by Email, which allows a deep dive into each email’s performance, presenting engagement metrics and enabling the identification of successful strategies.

Reports 2

The third panel, Breakdown by Email, presents the same information in a convenient tabular format, simplifying references and facilitating easy comparison.

Reports 3

These reports provide essential information, including:

  • Email Names: The titles or names of each email sent to residents.
  • Unique Sends: The total number of unique residents who received the email.
  • Percentage of Unique Opens: The percentage of unique residents who opened the email out of the total number of residents.
  • Percentage of Unique Clicks: The percentage of unique residents who clicked on any link within the email.
  • Percentage of Unsubscribes: The percentage of residents who opted out of future emails.
  • Percentage of Bounces: The percentage of email addresses that failed to deliver successfully, usually due to invalid email addresses or full inboxes.

The reports provided by Journey AI Drips play a crucial role in maximizing the overall effectiveness of resident satisfaction initiatives.

By analyzing the data and insights presented in the reports, the property management team can identify successful strategies, understand resident engagement patterns, and make informed decisions for optimizing their campaigns. This data-driven approach enables them to target specific areas for improvement, refine their communication strategies, and ultimately enhance resident satisfaction levels, leading to increased retention rates and positive resident experiences.


Journey AI Drips’ resident satisfaction Experience is a game-changer for multifamily marketers seeking to elevate resident satisfaction and retention rates.

With its AI-powered automation and personalized communication, agents can effortlessly nurture relationships and ensure resident happiness.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your resident satisfaction strategy. Schedule a demo today and see firsthand how Journey AI Drips can transform your resident experience and drive remarkable results.

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