Resident Referral Experience: Amplifying Referrals with Targeted Marketing

Resident Referral Experience

Referral programs are a critical part of a multifamily marketer’s strategy, incentivizing residents to refer friends and family to their properties. However, managing these programs can be a challenge, requiring significant time and effort.

Fortunately, Hyly.AI’s Journey AI “Refer-A-Friend” (RAF) offers an innovative solution to these common pain points with its Resident Referral Experience.

3 Ways Journey AI RAF Helps Marketers with Referral Programs

Journey AI RAF’s Resident Referral Experience helps marketers streamline referral programs in the following ways:

  • Multi-channel Referral Boosting: Journey AI RAF’s Resident Referral Experience makes it easier for marketers to reach out to residents through automated web banners, emails, SMS, and social media posts, increasing the chances of getting more referrals.
  • Accurate Referral Tracking: Journey AI RAF automates resident referrals and tracks friends’ leases, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free referral process for marketers.
  • Automated payout system: Journey AI RAF’s Resident Referral Experience automates and simplifies resident payout accounting for referrals, saving time and reducing errors.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of Journey AI RAF’s Resident Referral Experience and how it can help multifamily marketers and agents overcome the challenges they face in managing referral programs.

Common Obstacles Faced by Agents in Managing Referral Programs

Let’s take a look at some of the most common obstacles faced by agents in referral programs and how they can impact their ability to drive leasing success:

Obstacles faced by agens

  1. Low enrollment in referral programs: One of the primary challenges agents face is getting residents to enroll in referral programs. This can be due to a lack of awareness, poor marketing, or the perceived complexity of the referral process.
  2. Manual tracking and accounting: Referral tracking and accounting can be error-prone without automation. Agents may struggle to accurately track friend referrals, lease agreements, and payouts, leading to potential mistakes.
  3. Heavy workload for agents: Existing referral platforms can increase agents’ workload, requiring them to follow up with each resident for referrals and manage the referral process manually. To know more about how the strategic distribution of tasks allows teams to rise above the mundane with the help of AIs, click here.

How does the Resident Referral Experience Streamline the Referral Program?

Deploying and running Journey AI RAF’s Resident Referral Experience is easy; marketers just provide brand guidelines, and Hyly.AI‘s team takes care of the rest. Agents can then use a user-friendly WYSIWYG system with minimal effort.

Journey AI RAF’s Resident Referral Experience simplifies and streamlines every step of the referral program, from campaign creation to tracking, making it easy to implement and track the success of your campaigns.

Let’s take a closer look at the key features offered by the Resident Referral Experience.

Resident Referral Experience features

Quick and Easy Campaign Creation

Journey AI RAF’s Resident Referral Experience provides streamlined campaign creation and customization. With just a click of a button, you can create a new referral campaign or edit an existing one. This simple process helps save time without compromising the quality of the campaign. The referral campaign template provides all the necessary fields in one place, making it easy to edit them quickly and efficiently.

Resident Referral Experience feature 1

Tailored Campaign Details

The “Referral Campaign Details” section allows you to edit the “Title” and the “Reward” for the campaign. This way, you can customize your referral campaign to appeal to your residents and incentivize them to participate in the campaign. It increases the chances of success for the campaign.

Resident Referral Experience feature 2

Multi-Channel Invites

With Resident Referral Experience, you can edit the set of Invites that you want to share with the residents to enroll in the referral campaign via different channels like Email, SMS, Resident Portal, or by sharing a direct link. You can customize the Email/SMS copy as per the details of your campaign.

Additionally, you can change the image and edit the CTA button and Banner text in the “Via Resident Portal” section. This customization enables you to tailor the referral campaign to your audience’s preferences, leading to better engagement and higher success rates.

Resident Referral Experience feature 3

Compelling Resident Pitch

The Resident Referral Experience allows you to define the pitch for the resident to enroll in the campaign. This enables you to communicate the campaign’s value proposition to your residents and encourages them to participate in the referral program.

Resident Referral Experience feature 4

Personalized Thank You Email

Journey AI RAF’s Resident Referral Experience helps you personalize the ‘Thank you’ email that the enrolled resident will receive. You can also change the image to align with your branding. This feature allows you to personalize communication with the residents and create a positive impression.

Resident Referral Experience feature 5

Customizable Invitation Message

The Resident Referral Experience empowers your residents to share the campaign through various channels, including email, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also provide a default email for residents to forward to their friends as an invitation. The greatest advantage is that you can customize the message content to align with your specific requirements.

Once the residents share the invite with their friends, they’ll receive a confirmation. Resident Referral Experience also allows you to customize this confirmation message to fit your preferences. This feature makes it easy for residents to share the campaign and promotes it among their friends.

Resident Referral Experience feature 6

Validate before Launch

Once you have saved the referral campaign invite in Journey AI RAF’s Resident Referral Experience, you have the option to send a test email (and/or SMS) to the contacts of your choosing or your own email before scheduling the campaign. This powerful feature allows you to fine-tune the referral campaign, identify any potential issues, and make any necessary changes to ensure a seamless launch. By testing the campaign beforehand, you can ensure that it’s error-free and ready to drive maximum engagement and conversions among your residents.

Once the campaign is tested, you can schedule it to be sent to the residents of the property at a specific date and time.

Resident Referral Experience feature 7

Resident Referral Experience feature 8

Automated Reports for Hassle-Free Tracking

The property management team can easily access a variety of reports provided by Journey AI RAF to analyze data related to their referral programs. These reports can be incredibly helpful in improving and analyzing the overall effectiveness of the program.

One of the most valuable reports provided by Journey AI RAF is the “By Campaign” report.

Resident Referral Experience feature 9

This report provides a clear and structured overview of all the campaigns created for the property. It is divided into two panels. The first panel shows a property overview of all the campaigns, while the second panel shows a detailed breakdown of all the active and inactive campaigns.

The report provides eight key details which can help the property management team to understand the performance of their referral programs.

These details include:

  • Number of campaigns created
  • Number of registered residents for each campaign
  • Number of referred friends registered for each campaign
  • Number of referred friends who have leased through each campaign
  • Name of the campaigns
  • Dates when the campaigns were created
  • Status of the campaigns
  • The reward for the campaigns

By analyzing these eight details, the team can gain insight into the success of their referral programs. They can determine which campaigns have been most effective, how many residents and referred friends have participated, and how many referred friends have gone on to lease an apartment. With this information, they can make informed decisions about which campaigns to continue running and which to modify or retire.

By leveraging the data provided in these reports, they can optimize their referral programs and ultimately drive more business for their property.


In today’s world, where automation is crucial for property management teams, Journey AI RAF’s Resident Referral Experience offers an efficient way to manage and streamline referral programs.

With its ability to automate resident referrals, track referrals accurately, and reward residents with a built-in automated payout accounting system, this tool can help marketers save time and increase referrals. By improving the referral process, Journey AI RAF can ultimately lead to higher occupancy rates and increased revenue for multifamily properties.

To learn more about how Journey AI RAF can benefit your property management team, schedule a demo today!

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