Resident Blasts Experience: Enhance Resident Engagement with Branded Updates

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In the fast-paced world of multifamily marketing, keeping residents informed and engaged can be a challenging task.

With onsite teams often overwhelmed with their daily responsibilities, it can be tough to ensure that residents are receiving the information they need to stay connected with their community.

That’s where Journey AI Blasts comes in with its Resident Blasts Experience!

3 Ways Journey AI Blasts Helps Marketers in Updating Residents

Journey AI Blasts’ Resident Blasts Experience helps multifamily marketers simplify their communication efforts and achieve the following benefits:

  1. Ready-to-Use Templates: Provides a comprehensive library of customizable templates that enables multifamily marketers to standardize community updates and ensure timely communication with residents.
  2. Efficient Brand Control with Simplified Approvals: By simplifying the approval processes, it empowers them to engage with residents professionally while maintaining brand consistency and compliance.
  3. Keeps Residents Informed with Branded Updates: Ensures that residents receive timely and relevant information about their community, enhancing their sense of belonging and fostering stronger relationships with the onsite team.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of Journey AI Blasts’ Resident Blasts Experience and how it can help multifamily marketers and agents overcome the challenges they face in effectively communicating with residents.

Common Challenges Faced by Multifamily Agents in Resident Communication

Let’s explore the common challenges that multifamily agents face in updating their residents and how these challenges can affect their ability to keep residents engaged and satisfied with their community.

Resident Blasts Experience helps to overcome challenges faced by agents

  • Lack of Time to Send Community Updates: They are often overwhelmed with various tasks and responsibilities, leaving little time for consistent and effective communication with residents. This can lead to missed opportunities to engage and inform residents about community updates.
  • Lack of Marketing Resources for Onsite Teams: Multifamily agents may not have access to marketing resources to help them craft effective communication strategies. Without this, agents may struggle to communicate the brand message effectively and professionally.
  • Lack of Streamlined Approval Process: Agents have to face a prolonged approval process involving multiple rounds of feedback and coordination with stakeholders. This tedious process can cause delays, leading to confusion about approved materials and potential mistakes in messaging.

How does Journey AI Blasts help in Enhancing Resident Engagement?

Multifamily property management teams can send Resident Updates for various reasons, such as sharing important information about the community, announcing events, showcasing new amenities, or requesting feedback from residents. These updates can improve resident engagement, foster a sense of community, and increase satisfaction rates, ultimately resulting in higher retention rates.

The Resident Blasts Experience provides an innovative solution for multifamily property management teams seeking to improve their communication with residents.

The Resident Blasts Experience of Journey AI Blasts is designed to be user-friendly and can be deployed and run with ease. The marketers only need to provide their brand guidelines, and the Hyly.AI team will take care of the rest. The platform’s intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) system allows agents to create and send updates with minimal effort.

Let’s delve into the key features of Journey AI Blasts’ Resident Blasts Experience and the advantages it offers to agents, marketers, and residents.

Easy Customization of Pre-Designed Templates

Creating captivating and informative updates for your residents is made effortless with Journey AI Blasts’ Resident Blasts Experience.

1. Choose from Pre-Existing Templates

Selecting the perfect template for your update is just a click away. Journey AI Blasts’ Resident Blasts Experience offers a variety of pre-designed templates that align with your brand messaging, saving you the time and effort of creating resident updates from scratch.

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By eliminating unnecessary complexities, this feature saves you valuable time and energy, empowering you to focus on crafting engaging messaging that resonates with your audience.

2. Modify and Preview the Final Version

With Journey AI Blasts’ Resident Blasts Experience, you can create visually stunning resident updates that capture the attention of your residents.

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In the user-friendly editor, you can easily modify the update in the actual email format. Customize fields such as the Update Title, Subject, Preheader, Email Title, Image, Subtitle, and Body with ease.

The intuitive customization options allow you to tailor the template to fit your specific needs. This helps to keep the residents informed, engaged, and satisfied with updates that deliver relevant and compelling information in an appealing format.

Efficient Management of Resident Updates with Calendar

Efficiently managing updates for residents is crucial for property managers. With Journey AI Blasts’ Calendar, property managers can streamline the resident update activities and ensure that they stay on top of their communication efforts.

1. Streamlining Resident Update Activities

The Calendar provides a comprehensive snapshot of all resident updates in different stages, such as in draft, scheduled, sent for approval, and those that have already been sent. The legend at the bottom left-hand corner of the calendar provides a clear understanding of the update’s status.

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2. Customized Views and Notifications

Another useful aspect of the Calendar is that it allows users to filter updates according to their status. Property managers can easily locate drafts, scheduled updates, and those that have been sent or sent for approval.

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The flexibility to customize views and check approval requests ensures that property managers efficiently manage their resident update activities.

Additionally, the notifications icon at the top right corner provides easy access to critical updates and approval requests, keeping property managers informed.

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The Calendar is an exceptional tool for efficiently managing resident updates and helping property managers ensure effective communication with their residents.

Quick and Easy Approval Process

A well-designed approval process can save time and reduce confusion, ensuring that only the necessary stakeholders are involved.

1. Setting up an Efficient Approval Process

In the Resident Blasts experience, admins can customize the approval process by designating specific approvers and identifying agents who don’t require approval. This flexibility helps to ensure that the approval process is tailored to the needs of each team.

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2. Easy Approval, Disapproval, and Feedback

Once the approval process is set up, approvers can easily approve or disapprove an update with just a few clicks. This streamlined process saves time and reduces delays in communication.

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In case of disapproval, valuable feedback can be provided to the agent to improve their future updates.

Alternatively, the approver can choose to edit the update themselves and save the changes before approving it. This feature ensures that communication materials meet the required standards before they are sent out to residents, resulting in clear and effective messaging.

Data-driven Insights by Detailed Reports

The Reports enable the team to analyze data and gain insights into their communication campaigns.

The “By Blast” Report provides a structured and presentable format, with detailed breakdowns of each update’s analytics.

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The report includes important metrics such as:

  • Unique views: the number of individual residents who viewed the update.
  • Engagement rate: the percentage of residents who interacted with the update, such as clicking on a link or responding to a call-to-action.
  • Unsubscribe rate: the percentage of residents who opted out of receiving future updates.
  • Bounce rate: the percentage of emails that were undeliverable and returned to the sender.

With this information, the team can quickly identify which updates are most effective and make data-driven decisions to improve their communication campaigns.


In conclusion, Hyly.AI’s Resident Blasts Experience provides a comprehensive solution for multifamily property managers to streamline communication and keep residents informed.

With ready-to-use templates, easy approvals, and branded updates, property managers can maintain consistency and foster stronger relationships with their residents. By leveraging the platform’s intuitive features, property managers can ultimately improve their occupancy rates and increase revenue.

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