Recap: Keys to Social Media for Marketing

Social Media for Marketing Apartments

Wondering what the keys to social media for marketing are? Well, you are in the right place. Social media has become one of the most critical aspects of marketing for apartments. Recently, Lisa Trosien, the President of Apartment Expert, led a webinar that discussed some implementations you can make to have an effective social media strategy. Below are the key takeaways from the webinar. You can also catch previous webinar recaps here

Social media strategy

56% of renters are using social media to find apartments. Therefore having a strategy will help you effectively target this percentage of prospecting residents. Your strategy should answer the following questions:

  • Which social platform do your prospects hang out on most? This will give you an idea of the social media platform you should market.
  • On which social platform do you want to market your property? You should focus only on two social platforms.
  • What’s the brand connection you want to make with your audience? Think of how you want to portray your property. For instance, you can showcase your property as luxurious with great amenities. Or it can be a “basic” property that is of great value. This is the brand identity that your audience will relate to your properties.
  • What differentiates you from the competition? If you are not sure what separates you from other properties in the market, you can seek your residents’ opinions. Ask them what made them rent your property. 
  • Who is in charge of your social media? It is essential to be social media savvy. This is because the algorithm keeps changing. And it would be best if you stayed on top of it. 

    Resident-Centered Content

    Think of what your residents are most interested in. The content on your social media should be focused on your residents. For instance, some residents will visit your social media pages to see when you have events. Their main concern is free food or giveaways. So make sure to not only share your events via email but on social media too. 

    Resident Activities and Reviews

    Another takeaway from the keys to social media for marketing is posting about resident activities. Prospects are keen to know what kind of activities occur in your community. In addition, prospects will look at the reviews on your property to gauge if it is the right place for them to live. 

    Join Social Media Groups

    Social media platforms such as Facebook have groups specific to a particular demographic. And a lot of prospects looking to move to a different city will join these groups to get information about apartment housing in a given city. They also use the groups as a research resource to scout for the best communities. Thus you can join these groups and talk about your neighborhood and anything else that will put you in the prospects’ minds. 

     User-Generated Content( UGC)

    People love user-generated content because it is more authentic. A great way to get UGC is by using photos taken by your residents at the property. These can be photos taken at the swimming pool, gym, or garden. And remember to credit the owner of the picture in your post. 


    There you have it. These are the keys to social media for marketing that you should be aware of.

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