Recap: AIM Conference ’22

Here’s what happened at the AIM conference

The recently concluded Apartment Innovation and Marketing Conference (AIM) was held in Huntington Beach, CA. The main focus this year was on marketing technology, automation, and artificial intelligence for multifamily. 

AI and Data Science

Data is king.” One of the conference talks included using data to observe and understand prospects and resident journeys with AI to convert more leads. 

Our own Munish Gandhi, Founder & CEO of Hyly.AI talked about how to be data-smart and avoid data fallacies at the session “Popsicles Cause Sunburns: Fun Stories that Make Us Data Smart” alongside Xiyao Yang, Senior Marketing Manager at Bozzuto, and Terry Moody, Director at Toll Brothers.

Attention-Grabbing Stories

This session was led by Barrett Tripp, Executive Producer and Chief of Storytelling at Content Branded. He covered concepts and examples of how branded stories grab and hold your audience’s attention. It emphasized how branded email communication maintains brand identity effectively and keeps the prospect journey with your brand consistent across all channels. 

Multifamily and Metaverse

The Metaverse and NFTs are hot topics across all major industries, and multifamily is not left behind. Bryan Colin, View Labs’ co-founder, shed light on how this new-age technology can be applied to the multifamily industry. One example was to use NFTs as concessions to draw in the GenZ to renew their leases. 

Marketing Strategy

Google ranking has a massive impact on your websites. A couple of companies from the conference indicated that:

50.6% of their traffic is influenced by Google Business Profile (GBP)

40.6% by organic search

57.4% by digital advertising

      When it comes to multifamily marketing, AI was a recurring theme. AI has been positioned to be a staple in the industry, and its use will only continue to grow. At Hyly.AI, we believe Journey AI is the next big step in this direction. We have been innovating and building game-changing Journey AI experiences for all multifamily marketing workflows. This paradigm shift benefits everyone – the prospects, the renters, the property managers, and the multifamily industry. Undoubtedly, it will change forever how multifamily works.


      There you have it. These were the major highlights of the AIM conference. Check out our event image gallery below. Click here for a link to our other conference recaps and where to find us next.

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