Recap: 2022 Multifamily Social Media Summit

Here’s What Happened At The 2022 Multifamily Social Media Summit

The 2022 Multifamily Social Media Summit was held at the Meritage Resort & Spa from 23rd-25th March. Insightful, impactful, and inspiring are just the words to describe this edition of multifamily’s only event specific to social media. It featured numerous speakers who shared their expertise and outlined the emerging trends in social media marketing for multifamily. Martin Canchola, Co-founder & CTO of Apartment SEO was one of the speakers. He talked about the changes in Google Business Profile. And how to use the new changes to drive qualified traffic to your websites. Read on to learn other insightful takeaways from the summit

Overcoming constraints 

Andrew Davis did a fantastic job as a keynote speaker. He provided excellent examples of overcoming constraints with the “Cube of Creativity”. He opposed the concept of thinking outside the box. And instead, he suggested going inside the box with the “cube of creativity” concept. 

Social media tips to keep your feed fresh

The “world” of social media is fast-moving. For instance, the content you posted on Twitter two weeks ago might not be relevant anymore. Therefore, you need ideas to keep your feed fresh to retain your audience’s interest. 

Social media ideas to boost engagement were presented by an industry expert in the social media niche. One Of the ideas was to create a genuine strategy. This strategy should be empathetic and meaningful. Also, it should align with your brand. This will build brand awareness and increase retention while keeping your content fresh.

Get more leads with user-generated content.

Audiences engage more with user-generated content. The reason is that people trust content created by other people than those produced by brands. Thus marketing your community through your residents can set you apart from your competitors.

It can also make you connect more with your prospects. For example, a video showcasing the resident experience is user-generated content that you can post on your social media feed.

Fair housing and social media

Fair housing concepts are vital on your website and your social media. The presenter of this topic talked about the importance of having these concepts in your social media presence. Some of the touchpoints of the presentation focused on design in marketing ads and discriminatory ad placement. 

Strategies on how to get first-party data better

First-party data is information you acquire directly from your residents and prospects. This data is critical to multifamily marketers as it helps prioritize and personalize Facebook ads. It gives insights on prospect behavioral trends which inform your advertising strategy. 

However, analyzing this data can be challenging. You need an analytic tool that seamlessly integrates with your social media platforms and provides you with all the reports. 

Learn more on how to get automated first-party data analytics here.

There you have it. These are some of the key takeaways from the social media summit. Exciting things are coming!

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