Post-Tour Nurture Experience: Boosting Toured-to-Leased Conversion Rates

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Converting toured prospects into lease applicants can be challenging in the fast-paced world of multifamily marketing. Marketers need effective strategies to nurture leads, build relationships, and highlight community features. It’s a time-consuming process that requires a strategic approach.

But fear not because Hyly.AI’s Journey AI Drips revolutionizes multifamily marketers’ engagement with prospects through its Post-Tour Nurture Experience.

3 Benefits of Journey AI Drips for Marketers in Post-Tour Prospect Nurturing

When it comes to post-tour prospect nurturing, Journey AI Drips equips marketers with three powerful benefits that enhance engagement and drive conversion rates:

  1. Increased Conversion Rates: Journey AI Drip’s Post-Tour Experience leverages an AI-powered follow-up system to effectively drive toured prospects towards submitting lease applications, resulting in improved conversion rates.
  2. Enhanced Relationship Building: By utilizing friendly reminders, the Post-Tour Experience helps marketers build stronger relationships with prospects, reinforcing the unique highlights of their communities and increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.
  3. Improved Efficiency and Time Saving: With the Post-Tour Experience, marketers see a boost in toured-to-leased velocity while allowing them to save valuable time for their agents.

In this blog post, we will explore the challenges faced by agents in driving toured prospects to apply and discover how Journey AI Drips’ Post-Tour Nurture Experience revolutionizes and streamlines the entire process for multifamily marketers.

Challenges Agents Face in Securing Post-Tour Applications

When it comes to nurturing prospects post-tour and encouraging them to apply, agents are confronted with the following three challenges:

Post-Tour Nurture Experience helps to solve the 3 challenges faced by agents

  • Low Conversion Rates: Despite giving an enticing tour, a significant portion of prospects fail to take the next step and submit an application, resulting in missed opportunities for lease conversions.
  • Transactional Nudges Lack Personalization: Traditional post-tour nudges often come across as transactional, lacking the personal touch needed to establish meaningful connections with prospects and highlight the unique features of the community.
  • Time-Sensitivity and Agent Dependency: Following up with prospects after a tour requires prompt action, but relying solely on agents to handle these time-sensitive tasks can lead to delays and inefficiencies, potentially impacting the conversion rate from toured prospects to leased residents.

To learn about the 3-step process of designing, automating, and standardizing the prospect journey, click here.

How Does Journey AI Drips Help in Converting Toured Prospects into Applicants?

Deploying and running Journey AI Drips’ post-tour nurture experience is a breeze for marketers and agents. Marketers can easily set up the branded workflow with Journey AI Drips, entrusting the process to the expert Hyly.AI team. Agents can effortlessly manage the experience without any extra burden, guaranteeing a seamless and hassle-free nurturing process.

Journey AI Drips’ Post-Tour Nurture Experience uses a ‘zero-lift follow-up cadence’ to elevate prospect nurturing. Through meticulously designed and automated email sequences, it effectively nudges toured prospects to apply for a lease. These timely reminders ensure prospects stay engaged and motivated to take the next step, all while agents enjoy a hands-off approach, saving time and effort. With Journey AI Drips, the post-tour nurture process becomes seamless, efficient, and highly effective in driving prospects toward lease applications.

Zero-lift Follow-up cadence of Post-Tour nurture Experience

Let’s take a look at how this follow-up cadence helps the property management team:

1. Expressing Gratitude and Establishing Engagement

The “Thank You for Touring” email is sent as a gesture of gratitude to prospects who have recently toured the property. It gives agents and marketers a competitive edge, enabling them to foster a positive rapport with prospects and solidifying their interest in the community.

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The email serves as a reminder of the tour experience, keeping the property fresh in the prospects’ minds and increasing the likelihood of them considering an application. It helps nudge prospects towards applying by fostering a sense of appreciation and creating a foundation for further engagement.

2. Driving Prospect Action and Conversions

The “Submit Your Application” email directly encourages prospects to take the next step and submit their lease application. It offers agents and marketers a strategic edge by presenting a clear call to action that effectively steers prospects toward becoming applicants.

Post-Tour Nurture Experience Email Screenshot 2

The email emphasizes the ease and convenience of the application process, highlighting any incentives or special offers available. By proactively prompting prospects to apply, this email streamlines the conversion process, saving time and effort for agents while increasing the likelihood of prospects taking action.

3. Reinforcing Community Highlights and Desirability

The “Community Overview” email provides prospects with a comprehensive overview of the community’s features, amenities, and unique selling points. It offers agents and marketers the benefit of reinforcing the property’s highlights and generating enthusiasm for the living experience.

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The email acts as a gentle reminder, showcasing the value and benefits of choosing the community as their new home. By highlighting the community’s strengths and addressing any potential concerns or questions, this email helps to address prospects’ hesitations and encourages them to apply.

4. Timely Follow-Up and Urgency

The “Application Reminder” email is the final email in the zero-lift cadence. It serves as a friendly reminder to prospects who have not yet submitted their lease application. It assists agents and marketers in keeping prospects engaged and proactively addressing any potential procrastination or forgetfulness.

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The email emphasizes the urgency and time-sensitive nature of the application process, creating a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). By gently nudging prospects to take action and submit their application, this email streamlines the conversion process, ultimately boosting the toured-to-leased velocity and saving time for agents.

How can the Detailed Reports from Journey AI Drips Amplify the Effectiveness of Your Post-Tour Nurture Campaigns?

Journey AI Drips’ Post Tour Nurture Experience provides property management teams with convenient access to a diverse range of insightful reports that play a crucial role in evaluating and optimizing the effectiveness of their post-tour nurture campaigns.

One report that stands out among the variety of insightful reports is the “By Email” report, a valuable tool that offers a comprehensive overview of campaign performance through three informative panels.

In the first panel, labeled “Overview,” a bar chart presents data on Unique Opens and Unique Clicks, offering a holistic view of campaign effectiveness.

Reports Screenshot 1

The second panel, titled “Drill Down By Emails,” provides in-depth information on each email’s performance, allowing for the analysis of engagement metrics and the identification of successful strategies.

Reports Screenshot 2

The third panel, “Breakdown by Emails,” presents the same information in a convenient tabular format, facilitating easy reference and comparison.

 Reports Screenshot 3

These reports provide essential information, including:

  • Email Names: The titles or names of each email sent to prospects.
  • Unique Sends: The total number of unique prospects who received the email.
  • Percentage of Unique Opens: The percentage of unique prospects who opened the email out of the total number of prospects.
  • Percentage of Unique Clicks: The percentage of unique prospects who clicked on any link within the email.
  • Percentage of Unsubscribes: The percentage of prospects who opted out of future emails.
  • Percentage of Bounces: The percentage of email addresses that failed to deliver successfully, usually due to invalid email addresses or full inboxes.

Harnessing the power of these comprehensive reports empowers you with invaluable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your post-tour nurture campaigns. By adopting a data-driven approach, you can confidently make informed decisions, fine-tune your strategies, and enhance the overall effectiveness of your post-tour nurturing initiatives.


Journey AI Drips’ Post-Tour Nurture Experience revolutionizes the way property teams navigate the post-tour prospect nurturing process.

By leveraging AI-powered follow-up systems, building relationships through friendly reminders, and boosting conversion rates, this innovative solution streamlines the post-tour process and saves valuable time for agents.

Experience the power of Journey AI Drips for yourself and schedule a demo today to witness the transformative impact it can have on your prospect nurturing efforts.

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