How will Google’s Speed Update affect your ranking?

Google is punishing slow websites with lower search result page rankings, will your site suffer?

What is Google’s “Speed Update?”

Google has announced that in July 2018 it will start using PageSpeed as a ranking factor for mobile searches.


What does this mean for multifamily? 

Multifamily is seeing an influx of organic leads because of two factors:  Google is streamlining its apartment search result pages and mobile usage is steadily increasing. If your website has a low PageSpeed score for mobile, your community may see:

  • A lower rank on search result pages, and
  • Fewer leads 


What is “PageSpeed?”

PageSpeed is a score assigned by Google to reflect page performance.  It is a number from 0 to 100 and is categorized as Good, Medium or Low.

  • Above 80 is Good:  A score above 80 means that the page mostly follows performance best practices.
  • Between 60 and 79 is Medium:  A score between 60 and 79 means that the page is missing some easy performance optimizations.
  • Between 0 and 59 is Low:  A score below 59 implies that the page has not been optimized for performance. 


How do I measure PageSpeed? has created a free Multifamily Site Grader that tests your website for its Google PageSpeed score. Once you enter your site’s URL,’s grader tool will:

  • Give you your site’s PageSpeed score
  • Compare it to’s performance-optimized multifamily website
  • Allow you to drill deep into causes
  • Recommends fixes to improve your PageSpeed

Go ahead, grade your multifamily site now at

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