Friend Referral Experience: Effortlessly Expand Your Reach and Maximize Conversions


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Poor marketing limits the reach of referral programs, making it challenging for multifamily marketers to get friend referrals to schedule a tour.

However, with Hyly.AI’s Journey AI RAF, you can finally automate and streamline this process. Journey AI RAF’s Friend Referral Experience is designed to nudge referred friends to schedule a tour, making it easier for you to close more deals and improve your overall marketing strategy.

3 Ways Journey AI RAF Helps Marketers with Friend Referrals

Journey AI RAF’s Friend Referral Experience empowers marketers to streamline their referral programs in the following ways:

  1. Enhanced Referral Reach: Amplifies referrals through effective channels like email, SMS, and social networks, expanding the reach and potential impact of your referral program.
  2. Streamlined Touring Process: Automates touring nudges to friends referred by residents, saving valuable time and effort for marketers and ensuring a smoother conversion process.
  3. Reduced Costs Per Lead: By offering an agent-friendly system, it reduces the costs per lead and lease, enabling them to optimize their workflows and maximize their overall efficiency.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the benefits of the Journey AI RAF’s Friend Referral Experience and how it can assist multifamily marketers and agents in effectively managing and optimizing their referral programs.

Common Obstacles Faced by Agents in Managing Referral Programs

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  • Limited Reach of Referral Programs: Agents face a challenge in promoting referral programs due to poor marketing strategies that result in the limited reach of such programs. This hinders their ability to generate a significant number of referrals, ultimately impacting their sales figures.
  • Manual Follow-up for Referrals: Agents face the arduous task of constantly following up with residents to encourage and obtain referrals, diverting their time and resources away from other critical responsibilities.
  • Increased Workload with Existing Platforms: Current referral platforms add to agents’ workload by lacking automation and efficiency, requiring manual intervention for every step of the referral process, thereby impeding productivity and slowing down the conversion funnel.

How Does Journey AI RAF Maximize Referral Program Success?

The Friend Referral Experience offered by Journey AI RAF makes it effortless for marketers to deploy and run referral campaigns. They simply provide the brand guidelines, and the Hyly.AI team takes care of everything else. The user-friendly WYSIWYG system enables agents to run campaigns with minimal effort and streamline the referral process.

With Friend Referral Experience, every aspect of your referral program is simplified and streamlined. From campaign creation to tracking, you can easily implement and monitor the success of your campaigns.

To learn about the eight key features of Journey AI RAF, click here.

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Let’s dive deeper into the key features of Friend Referral Experience and how they benefit marketers and agents:

Effortless Campaign Creation

Creating a referral campaign with Journey AI RAF’s Friend Referral Experience is a breeze.

With a user-friendly interface, you can quickly and easily design captivating campaigns to be shared with residents, who will then effortlessly spread the word to their friends.

By simplifying the campaign creation process, valuable time is saved without compromising on quality. The campaign template consolidates all the necessary fields in one place, ensuring efficient editing and customization.

In the “Referral Campaign Details” section, you have the flexibility to tailor the campaign’s title and reward, appealing to residents and enticing them to participate. This level of personalization enhances the campaign’s chances of success.

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Expanded Reach with Multi-channel invites

The Friend Referral Experience revolutionizes the sharing process for residents, allowing them to effortlessly spread the campaign via multiple channels. This includes options such as Email, SMS, or sharing a direct link.

Like email nurturing, multifamily SMS nurturing also leverages the Human + AI approach. Click here to learn more!

By leveraging these diverse sharing channels, agents and marketers can greatly expand the reach of their referral campaigns, maximizing the potential for new leads and conversions. The flexibility to tailor the invites to each channel ensures that the messaging is optimized for engagement and resonates with the target audience.

With the Friend Referral Experience, residents become enthusiastic advocates, actively promoting the campaign to their friends through seamless and convenient sharing options.

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Customizable Invitation Message

With Journey AI RAF’s Friend Referral Experience, marketers and agents can easily entice the friends of current residents by customizing the message that the residents will share with their friends. Providing a default email for residents to forward to their friends as an invitation makes the process seamless for the residents.

The real benefit lies in the ability to customize the message content. By tailoring the message to align with your unique requirements, you can effectively highlight the appealing aspects of your property, enticing friends to take a tour. This personalized approach increases the chances of attracting interested prospects and converting them into valuable leads.

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Data-driven Insights via Automated Reports

The Friend Referral Experience provides property management teams with easy access to a range of insightful reports. These reports play a crucial role in analyzing and improving the overall effectiveness of referral programs.

One particularly valuable report is the “By Campaign” report, offering a comprehensive overview of all property campaigns. It consists of two panels: the first presents a property-wide summary, and the second provides a detailed breakdown of active and inactive campaigns.

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Within this report, eight key details are provided, allowing the management team to assess referral program performance:

  1. Number of campaigns created
  2. Number of registered residents per campaign
  3. Number of referred friends registered per campaign
  4. Number of referred friends who successfully leased through each campaign
  5. Campaign names
  6. Creation dates of campaigns
  7. Campaign status (active or inactive)
  8. Rewards offered by the campaigns

By thoroughly analyzing these details, the team can identify which campaigns have been most successful, track resident and referred friend participation rates, and determine the number of referred friends who converted into lease agreements. Armed with this data, informed decisions can be made regarding ongoing, modified, or retired campaigns.

Leveraging the insights derived from these reports, property management teams can optimize their referral programs, leading to increased business opportunities for their properties.


In today’s world, where automation is crucial for property management teams, Journey AI RAF’s Friend Referral Experience provides an efficient solution for managing and streamlining referral programs.

With its automation capabilities and accurate referral tracking, this tool enables marketers to save time and boost referrals. Ultimately, implementing Journey AI RAF can result in higher occupancy rates and increased revenue for multifamily properties.

To discover how Journey AI RAF can benefit your property management team, schedule a demo today by visiting!

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