Email Segmentation for Multifamily

Email Segmentation

Have you noticed that your unsubscribe rate increases with each email you send out? Sending an email one by one to your whole mailing list is a thing of the past. Instead, you need to consider tailoring your email content to your audiences’ needs and interests. Email segmentation is the process of segregating contact lists into smaller sections according to shared characteristics.


Reasons Why Email Segmentation Is Important

Better Connect With Your Audience
By segmenting your target audience, each email campaign becomes more relevant. For example, when you segment your email list according to your audience’s age group and interests, it is easier to identify what type of content would attract them and lead to better engagement.

Decreases Your Unsubscribe Rate
Blasting prospects to schedule a tour when they have already toured will not get them to sign the lease but rather unsubscribing to all your communication. Email segmentation lowers the number of customers unsubscribing when they receive more appealing and significant content.

Improves Open and Click Rates
Email segmentation helps you send more relevant messages to your subscribers, significantly improving your open and click rates.


Ways To Segment Your Leads

Lifecycle Stages
Recently subscribed prospects or residents are most likely interested in learning about your property and what you have to offer. In contradiction, what is exciting for a new resident may not matter to a resident six months into their lease and vice versa.

Room preference
You know you have a bunch of promotions lined up for the upcoming holidays, but not every one of them will be relevant to your audiences. Consider segmenting your mailing list by room preferences for more precise targeting. For instance, you can send that special offer email to audiences interested in a one-bedroom.

Tour Status
Segmenting the list by tour status will dictate email campaign goals for you. If you are targeting audiences that have toured your property, you would want to send great offer emails to reel them in or give them more information on the property. If you are sending eBlasts to audiences that have not toured, the goal is to convince them to schedule tours.

Consider segmenting your list by engagement. Find those audiences that often open or click anywhere on your emails and send them more emails. For those that interact with you less, only eBlast them emails on more significant promotions or events. This way, you can please those who enjoy seeing your content both more and less.



Email segmentation helps you optimize your email marketing. The better you tailor your email communication for your target audience, the more likely they will engage with your content.