Build Relationships for Multifamily Using Email Marketing

The Multifamily industry is build on relationships. Why not design your email campaign with relationship building in mind?

10 Tips to Build Multifamily Relationships using Email Marketing!

Building Relationships: One email at a time

Email marketing isn’t a new idea, but it is still a relevant one. We have generated the top 5 statistics that prove email marketing is still effective. Plus, we compiled the top 5 ways you can build relationships with your prospects and residents using email marketing.


ROI for Relational Emails

Here are our 5 favorite statistics that prove nurturing email marketing campaigns can create strong relationships between businesses and customers.
Email Marketing Statistics

  1. Leads who receive nurturing emails spend 47% more than leads that don’t.
  2. 58% of revenue comes from segmented and personalized emails.</b
  3. Customers who receive emails specific to their stage in the customer lifecycle have a 72% higher conversion rate.
  4. 51% of email marketers claim the best way to create a personal, nurturing email campaign is through using email list segmentation.
  5. Marketers who use segmented email marketing campaigns experience a 760% revenue increase.

As you can see, email is a pretty powerful tool in the hands of a marketer. But, we promised a ‘Guide to Multifamily Email Marketing’ so let’s get specific.


5 Email Tips for Better Resident Relationships

Keep these 5 things in mind when designing emails for residents to build and maintain relationships.
Build Relationships with Your Residents

  1. Show that you are thinking about them. Show new residents that you are thinking about them by sending them a series of refresher emails about the property (things like amenities and policies).
  2. Make them feel special. One of the top complaints from residents is that agents built a relationship with them when they were shopping and then dropped them once they signed… not a great feeling. By having an email campaign that engages and connects with residents, you can show them you still care.
  3. Show them around. Think about your hometown. I bet you could navigate it without the help of a GPS. Knowing your way around can help residents feel more at home and more likely to renew. Send them an email about the best places to dine, shop and relax near your property.
  4. Make connections. Use your emails to invite residents to events at your property. By creating opportunities for residents to get to know each other, you can create a sense of community at your property. It is just as important for residents to build relationships with each other as it is for you to build relationships with them.
  5. Be responsive. Don’t be that friend who takes days to respond. Show residents they are a priority by responding to them as fast as possible. Email marketing gives agents an easy template to make resident follow-up quick and easy.

Everything on this list helps foster better resident relationships. By putting thought and care into your email campaign, you can show residents you want to do more than just rent them an apartment. You want to give them a place to call home.


5 Email Tips to Build Better Prospect Relationships

Here are 5 simple tips to build prospect relationships using emails.
Build Relationships with Your Prospects

  1. Value their time. One of the greatest things about emails is the lack of time restrictions. Your prospects don’t feel pressured to respond immediately or during regular business hours. Just by choosing to email them instead of calling or texting, you are saying that you value their time and are willing to accommodate their needs.
  2. Be Helpful. Your customers are looking at a lot of places. By emailing them with informative subject lines, you are giving them a quick, easy-to-find reference to your property’s information. They only have to check their inbox and they can refresh their memory. This will help prospects stay organized and keep your company top-of-mind.
  3. Earn Their Trust. Every good relationship is built on trust. Emails provide a sense of security for customers since everything is in writing. This tells prospects you aren’t trying to pull a fast one on them (bait & switch, hidden fees, etc.) and make them more willing to make a commitment.
  4. Show them who you are. The girl scouts know this better than anyone. It’s easy to say you don’t want any Thin Mints, but you can’t help but order a few boxes when one of those little girls comes knocking on your door. You can do the same thing with your property. It’s easier to make a connection with prospects when you show them who you are. Use your email to showcase your values, priorities and voice.
  5. Be Informative. You can put a lot of information in an email. For example, you can link to your website, social channels, floor plans, etc., (and that is just in the footer). By giving them access to all of the information you are telling prospects that you don’t have anything to hide, making them more comfortable with you and your property.

Email marketing is an effective and necessary step in a property management marketing plan. Due to its personalized and convenient nature, building relationships is easier than ever before. Making it the perfect marketing platform for Multifamily!