Availability & Price Alerts Experience: Converting Prospects with Timely Alerts

Timely Price Drop & Availability Alerts

As a multifamily marketer, it’s frustrating to lose out on interested prospects who ultimately choose a competitor because they weren’t kept in the loop about your latest price drops or available units.

One of the biggest challenges in property management is staying on top of prospects’ preferences and notifying them without wasting another minute.

Enter Journey AI Alerts, a tool that can help you nudge late-stage prospects to apply by sending timely price drop & availability alerts without overwhelming them with frequent notifications.

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into the challenges that come with converting late-stage prospects and how Journey AI Alerts can be the solution to nudge them towards applying, thereby improving your occupancy rates.

Challenges in Communicating Timely Alerts to Prospects

Communicating timely alerts to prospects is essential for converting them into residents.

However, there are various challenges that agents face in ensuring that prospects are informed of the latest updates regarding price drops and unit availability.

  1. Time-consuming process: Without automation, sending alerts can be a time-consuming manual process that results in delayed notifications to prospects. If a prospect is not notified immediately of a price drop or unit availability, they may lose interest and move on to another property.
  2. Limited communication channels: Relying on a single communication channel, such as email, may not be enough to ensure that all prospects are receiving important updates. For instance, email may not be checked by the prospect as frequently as SMS, making it easier for them to overlook important notifications.To know more about why you need SMS nurturing in multifamily, click here.
  3. Inaccurate data: Outdated or incorrect data can result in alerts being sent to prospects who are no longer interested or have already made a decision.

How does Journey AI Alerts Deliver Timely Information with Minimal Effort from Management?

Hyly.AI’s Journey AI Alerts sends email and SMS alerts to prospects about price drops and unit availability, ensuring that they receive the information they need in a timely manner without having to manually check for them. They can save time and make informed decisions quickly, ensuring that they do not miss out on any opportunities to secure their desired unit at a lower price.

To avoid overwhelming the prospects, only one alert email is sent every 7 days, keeping them informed without bombarding their inbox.

Timely Price Drop & Availability Alerts Flow

Instant Updates via PMS Integration

Journey AI Alerts simplifies the process of updating prospects about price drops and unit availability.

The system automatically pulls information from the property’s Property Management System (PMS) and sends email and SMS alerts to prospects. The property team sets the percentage for price drops, and once units drop to that percentage, Journey AI Alerts sends alerts to prospects.

Similarly, if units become available due to resident move-outs, the PMS sends the data to Journey AI Alerts, triggering email and SMS alerts. With these timely updates, property management teams can save time and increase conversions.

Action Based on Prospect’s Status

Journey AI Alerts’ price drop and unit availability email template is customized to the prospect’s status, changing the CTA button text and URL accordingly.

For active prospects who have not toured the property, the CTA is “Take a Tour Today,” while for those who have already toured, it is “Apply Now.” This ensures that prospects are presented with the right action for their situation.

Lowest-Priced Units Displayed for Each Floor Plan

The alert email sent by Journey AI Alerts features the top three floor plans, with the system selecting the lowest-priced units for each floor plan type. This automation saves significant time for property management teams, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks rather than manually updating and sending unit availability alerts to prospects.

Additionally, the automatic selection of the lowest-priced units helps property management teams attract more prospects by offering the best possible deals.

Zero-Lift Process for Agents and Marketers

“Zero-lift” refers to a process that requires zero additional effort or time from agents and marketers to set up or manage an alert system. In other words, it is a completely automated system that requires no manual input or intervention.

With Journey AI Alerts’ zero-lift process, marketers only need to approve the branded workflow, while agents can simply turn on alerts. The heavy lifting, including providing prospects with all necessary details, clear call-to-action prompts, and timely alerts, is done by Journey AI Alerts.

This simplified process saves time and effort while helping property management fill vacancies quickly and efficiently, leading to increased occupancy rates and revenue, all without burdening agents or marketers.



Hyly.AI‘s Journey AI Alerts is an essential tool for multifamily marketers seeking to provide timely and accurate information to prospects about price drops and unit availability.

With its dynamic email templates, clear CTAs, and SMS alerts, prospects can receive timely and accurate information. Journey AI Alerts’ zero-lift process ensures a self-managed experience, allowing property management teams to focus on other critical tasks.

By increasing the chances of getting prospects to apply, Journey AI Alerts ultimately leads to higher occupancy rates for apartment homes. To learn more about how Journey AI Alerts can benefit your multifamily marketing efforts, schedule a demo today!

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