7 Email Ideas to Welcome Your Multifamily Prospects

7 ideas to welcome your multifamily prospects using an email drip campaign.

Why a Welcome Email Drip?

A well-designed email drip campaign can help you to inform and excite every new prospect about your community.

As a leasing agent, your goal is to inform and excite every new prospect about your community. However, this can take a long time if you are calling and emailing each prospect individually. A well-designed email drip campaign that welcomes and informs your prospect can achieve those goals without you needing to personally attend to each new prospect.

Here are 3 ideas with templates and 4 others for brainstorming.

Welcome Email Drip Ideas

Idea #1: Introduce Your Neighborhood


Let your prospects know how cool it is to live at your neighborhood. Also let your prospect know about local cultural and entertainment events that are available a few blocks away. (Download Template)



Idea #2: Introduce Your Property’s Amenities



After pricing, a property’s amenities are the most important to a prospect. Introduce amenities that most attract your tenants in this amenities newsletter. For example, these could be: on-site parking; in-unit laundry; and balcony, deck or patio. (Download Template)



Idea #3: Introduce Your Leasing Managers

Day2-Introduce-team (1)

You need to establish a personal relationship with your prospect as soon as possible. Start by putting a face to the names of your leasing staff.One possibility is to include links to your staff’s profiles on your website. Here is a profile of One Light’s Leasing & Communications Manager Jen DeMeyer with her hobbies, personal interests and professional background. Did you visit Jen’s page? If so, did you notice you feel a human connection to Jen more than with just a name? (Download Template)



Other Welcome Email Drip Ideas

Here are some other ideas for creating an effective welcome email for your prospects:

  • A welcome note from the property management┬ácompany’s CEO
  • An invitation to join your community’s social media channels
  • A list of awards received by your property
  • A community calendar of events


By using a welcome campaign and email nurturing, you will spend less time on individually contacting new prospects and focus on closing more leads.

Do you have examples of a welcome email drip that has worked? Email us at ideas@hy.ly, and we will share your examples.

Ready to say “hello” to more new prospects this year?

(This post is part of our series on 7 Ways to Get More Leases Using Email Nurturing.)

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